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Monday, September 24, 2018

It's Not Popular Opinion, But

Do you ever adamantly disagree with something that's popular opinion? I do. Here's where I think the general consensus gets it all wrong!

There are some things that are simply popular opinion. The likability of something, the popularity of a product or service, how well something does (or doesn't) do it's job is all subject to the court of popular opinion. Generally, it's right. But there are some things I think popular opinion gets outright wrong! These are some of the things I have a contrarian opinion about. It's not popular opinion, but...

When you're the friend or relative who thinks outside the box and carries a different opinion than everyone else

Garlic is nasty.
Everyone seems to love adding copious amounts of garlic to things. Garlic bread, pizza, sauces, Asian food, you name it and it's in there. Watch the Food Network and cooks and chefs boast about how much garlic they add. Well I think it's nasty. It tastes gross going down and it makes your breath smell TERRIBLE. It makes your sweat smell weird the next day. I didn't love it or hate it before I had kids, but now my tastes have changed and I do everything in my power to avoid this stanky substance. Can we all stop raving about garlic?

I don't mind rush hour.
My freshman year of college I went to a school in a town so small, there were only two freeways and absolutely zero traffic ever. I hated it. It felt lonely and isolated! I moved back to Minneapolis to finish college at the University of Minnesota - which is walking distance to downtown - and was so happy to be amongst people again! Rush hour just reminds me that I live near a whole bunch of people. In Dallas, the traffic is never really that bad because our freeways are so massive, and there's toll lane options you can jump into if traffic is bad. I dunno, call me crazy, but I just roll down the windows and crank the tunes, relish the fact that I live near so many people and enjoy the ride. Total city girl right here! Rural areas stress me out. What if you need help - where are the people?!

I love toddlers.
Scroll Facebook for two minutes and you'll see several memes about how "savage" toddlers are. Mom blogs will warn you, "If you think the baby stage is hard, just wait for the terrible twos and the threenager stage!" Well guess what? I call BS. Toddlers are a hoot. They can feed themselves and start to know how to use the bathroom themselves too. They've got personalities. They want autonomy with clear boundaries set. All of this is SO much easier than the baby stage, and so much more fun, too! Neither of my kids had the terrible twos. Henry wasn't a threenager at all. Otto is just on the cusp of turning three, but it's already clear that when he gets whiney, he just needs to be held and cuddled and reassured. Y'all can keep your babies; toddlers are awesome.

The only reason I love fall... Is because I live in the South.
Ok, that's not the only reason - Halloween is my favorite and it's my birthday and it will also be my twins' birthday. Pumpkin carving is fun, pumpkin patches are fun and I love seasonal decor. BUT! All of this is made far more fun because fall for me is 80 degrees. I'm not facing down a brutal winter. It's not the "last hurrah" before I have to scrape ice off my car every morning, dig it out of snow, or struggle to breath is subzero temps. It's just a nice break from the heat with fun activities! Fall in the South is so much more tolerable than up north.

Sushi is rather gross.
Back on the food train, but that's because I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and it's about to be lunchtime here. Just like garlic, I can no longer stomach sashimi. I used to love it! Now eating a hunk of raw salmon or tuna or yellow tail completely grosses me out. Even many rolls gross me out! Pregnancy has made me completely lose my love for sushi. I honest to Pete used to eat it every week! Now... My favorite roll is a vegan shiitake mushroom roll. I just, I don't know. Raw fish is slimy. I still love pickled ginger and wasabi, just on vegetarian rolls!

Sale, discount and/or thrift shopping is the literal WORST. And don't get me started on coupons.
I know this is super unpopular opinion! I absolutely can't stand shopping a sale. It's like complete chaos in the store, everything isn't where it should be and you have to rifle through racks and bins in hopes you'll find your size to maybe save $5 or a measly 30%. No. Thank. You. Online sale shopping is better, but my size so rarely goes on sale (it's like clothing marketers know tall, slender women will pay a hefty mark up for clothes that actually fit them...) and my shoe size (an 8 if you're wondering) is the most common so it sells out first. Sales just aren't even worth looking at! Thrift stores are straight nasty. You're digging through things that haven't been washed in years, and are likely covered in moth balls or fecal matter from rodents or bugs. They always smell bad with terrible lighting. And coupons?! I hate to tell you, but coupons are a marketing dream. They pull you in to the store in promises of saving a dollar and you end up buying tons of stuff you didn't need nor want in the first place. What a joke! Sorry, I'll pay full price for a better experience and simply have LESS stuff in my home. This isn't a privilege thing either. When I was unemployed for almost a year and when I was 24 and in graduate school, I still didn't shop sales. I just bought less!

I hope I'm not alone in thinking these things! But even if I am, oh well. The majority isn't right all the time. What are some thing that are wildly popular that you just can't get into? 


  1. Okay so the only one I can fully agree with you on is sale shopping and coupons. Never do either. I can’t be bothered to remember coupons. And usually they are for packaged food, which we don’t buy much of.
    I will say, I loved the toddler phase with A. She was a dream two year old. Not as big of a fan with E, but it is slowly getting easier.
    I love garlic and sushi both. And when you drive in rush hour every day for 10+ years.....over it.

  2. Haha this is a great idea for a post! I'm actually the opposite of you on a lot of these things, but I still found it entertaining. Though I guess I don't like sushi either!

  3. Haha, love this! Definitely agree with the fall one.. and the toddler one! They can be hard, but love seeing their personalities develop!


  4. Omg this post is awesome! So funny and so real. Confession- I HATE FALL. And Christmas. And all other holidays. You should see other people look at me with wide eyes when I say this, like I am some alien being. Totally unpopular opinion. Sometimes I just don't say anything instead of speaking up because I just don't have the mental space for a battle, haha.

  5. Omg this post is awesome! So funny and so real. Confession- I HATE FALL. And Christmas. And all other holidays. You should see other people look at me with wide eyes when I say this, like I am some alien being. Totally unpopular opinion. Sometimes I just don't say anything instead of speaking up because I just don't have the mental space for a battle, haha.

    Becky | WKNDR Design

  6. Oh I love these!! How funny. I LOVE TODDLERS! Theyre hilarious!!

  7. Fun post! I also like the sentiment behind it because in society we often endorse bandwagon mentality and we're afraid to speak out if we hold an unpopular opinion. When I was in college, I genuinely loved doing research in the library and thought parties were boring and miserable. However, I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want them to think I was a freak and went to parties anyway because that was the "normal" thing to do. Now I realize if I had been my authentic self, I would have made more close friends in college.

  8. I absolutely love that everyone is so different, which means having differing opinions on all things big and small. I too do not like shopping sales. For Black Friday you definitely won't find me traveling from store to store trying to snatch up sale items while fighting off a crowd!

  9. Haha, I love this! Can't say I agree with much, but definitely a fun idea for a post.

  10. Sushi IS gross, you might be the only person I know that doesn't like it! I think having the unpopular opinion means you can think for yourself. I have a feeling the masses like things simply because everyone likes them. lol. Not everyone is comfortable going against the grain!

  11. This post was perfection. While I don't totally agree with your unpopular opinions, I love that you shared them. We all don't have to go with the flow and agree with everyone on every thing.

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