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Monday, September 30, 2019

The Best Halloween Clothing For Kids

Halloween costumes, pajamas and other apparel is a fun way to celebrate the season

Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday. Has been for years. Even as a little girl, my sister and I decorated our bedrooms with Halloween decorations. Then when we lived together in our mid-to-late twenties, we went all out and decorated our condo. I mean lights, garlands, pumpkins, jack o laterns, skulls and zombies - all of it, all over! Now as a mom, my kids have (thankfully) shown as much interest in the holiday as I did as a child, and talk about pumpkins and "spooky" stuff year round. Proud mom moment, you know? We plan our costumes months in advance and I start buying Halloween pajamas late in the summer. I mean hey, they get worn year round so why not? This post is all about what the kiddos will be for Halloween (think costumes) and my favorite sources of Halloween jammies. Generally, all the best Halloween clothing for kids, toddlers and babies. *Affiliate links used*

Y'all know I'm dedicated to living sustainably and always trying new ways to be "green" and eco-friendly. I recently read an article on the effects of cheap clothing and how "discount" clothing, the stuff that you truly only buy to wear for a year or one season, is SO detrimental: it has to be made (with insanely cheap labor) using cheap materials that also had to be processed (think cheap cotton that has to be grown, cheap dyes, etc), shipped/trucked to a warehouse, shipped/trucked to a store and then it ends up in a landfill after a few years. Yuck! With that in mind, I made my kids try on their costumes from last year, and wouldn't you know, they fit perfectly. So my older two will be the exact same things they were last year - a ghost and a witch. Good thing, because Otto is still obsessed with his witch costume and is thrilled to wear it again! Henry is pretty easy going with the dress up (it's Otto who is WAY into it) so he's content being a ghost again.

This is Henry's ghost costume (the exact one isn't sold anymore, but this one is super close!) and this is Otto's witch costume. Both were great quality and I was really happy with them! Good enough quality to wash and wear for more than one year and neither was expensive.

The twins are a bit harder. There are so many cute baby costumes, but it's just too hot here to put them in, say, a fuzzy lion costume, or a plush pig costume. I need it to be as light and breathable as possible, because it's often still 90+ degrees here on Halloween. Now, I had this pumpkin costume from when Otto was a baby and it was just a tad too small, but holy heck is it ever cute on a baby! If you want a warmer version for a baby, this one is adorable and great for colder climates. If you live in my kind of climate, or perhaps even warmer or more humid, this one is similar to mine without the jumpsuit underneath so it'd be great for a hot Halloween.

What's the fun of twins if you can't do a themed costume, right? And also dress them alike. Trust me... This is one of the few joys of twins, because outside of this, they're just a TON of work. We went with salt and pepper, because one baby (Knox) is salty most of the time and Teddy is a little lovejoy firecracker (pepper). This is the salt onesie and here's the pepper onesie. They haven't come in the mail yet, but I can't wait to get a picture of that.

Onto the jammies! I absolutely adore holiday pajamas. Halloween, Christmas, Easter... Yup, all of them. Here's some of our favorites for the big boys that I've bought in the last two years:
- Scary jack o'lantern
- Happy pumpkin face

For the twins, I got these Nightmare Before Christmas jammies to wear for their first birthday, since that's their theme. These cute orange witch jammies, because they had green witches on them, and what baby doesn't look great in a green witch?! The jammies pictured above are from the actual Carter's store, and they're currently on mega sale! This is the top but I couldn't find any links to the bottoms.

I also just got some really cute matching Halloween jammies from Burt's Bees Baby. Amazon sells some of the styles from previous years, but their actual site contains all the cute, new styles and they regularly have good sales too. I love BBB because it's reasonably priced organic cotton, and they carry ALL sizes for Christmas pajamas - they even have a bandanna for your dog so he can match too! They literally have men's, women's, child, toddler and baby sizes and you can get everyone matching. We already have our Christmas jammies for this year because if you wait, certain sizes sell out and I need to buy from every single category. I'm a planner like that. This year's Christmas card is gonna be good!

Figuring out Halloween costumes and watching your kids have as much fun with it as you do is truly one of my favorite parts of parenting. Picking out holiday pajamas and listening to my kids "ohhhhh" and "ahhhhh" at how they glow in the dark. Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday because it's silly! We can decorate with pumpkins and orange lights and watch silly scary movies. There's no religious over/undertone so there's nothing somber or "deep" about it - it's just there for a good time (actually, the history of Halloween is pretty fascinating it you're looking for something to Google). We love getting into the holiday spirit, and these are the best Halloween clothing options for kids.

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