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Friday, July 25, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Cheers to the weekend, y'all!

Kirk's folks flew into town this week to meet their fourth grandbaby, so there are likely some fun times in store for all of us together, and hopefully a date night in store for me and the hubs! And if I'm super lucky, I'll have someone to watch Henry while I sneak away for a yoga or barre class, too.

Anyhoo, here were the top five moments of the week:

1) I went shopping (brick and mortar, not e-commerce! Yeah, say whuuuuut) with Henry. I was actually trying to exchange some clothes we got as a gift that already don't fit him. The exchange was unsuccessful (major GRRR!) but since we were out and he was being so good... I picked him up some 6mo sizes. And then I saw this: FOX outfit. It happened. How could I not put my son in this?!

It was 108 degrees out, so this didn't stay on long, but c'mon! FOX HAT! I died.

Fox onesie! Fox-footie-pajama! Fox fox fox!
2) That J Crew Factory dress I picked up online? Came the next day! Oh, 'Crew, I'm always impressed with you. Also? It's cute, and has two slits up the sides that will make a maxi dress bearable for the Texas triple-digit heat.

I put on the dress when I got it mid-afternoon... Then as I got Henry ready for bed, I realized I put him in navy stripes, too. Tuesday was stripes day around here!

3) My father-in-law did a lot of weeding and mulching and yard work around the house for us while they were in town this week! Which is perf, because I hate to garden. Aint nobody got time fo dat! I'm also amazed at what he was able to accomplish, since it was 110 everyday...

4) I made an awesome dish with all the veggies we got at the Dallas farmer's market last weekend. I have a post about it coming next week!

5) I was able to confirm that I have exactly three weeks until lil' H is old enough for the daycare at my gym. They'll take him for two hours, which means I get an hour workout AND an undisturbed shower. Like, there won't be a baby screaming in the other room. I mean, y'all! I might actually do my hair again! I'll be able to regularly get out of the house! This was me as I left the gym after that conversation:

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  1. Your son is so cute! We've got weeds taller than me. I'm with ya - I hate to garden and I really don't want to spend the free time I do have on that.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Thank you Ashley! He's a chunky hunk of a baby.

      Just call the weeds "wild flowers" or part of your "green landscaping"! That's going to be my new trick :)

  2. YAY! Grandparents are a huge help. I love that maxi. Super cute.

  3. My sister was counting down the days till her gym would take her kiddos....I mean shoot they have IMacs in there!

    1. RIGHT?! And newborns just lay there and nap... Why do I/we have to wait so long?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?? Alas, my end is in sight. I might start an official countdown. Whew!