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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Time For A Little Effort

I've been feeling REALLY frumpy since becoming a mom.

On a good day, I shower and let my hair air-dry. It's fine, so it lies flat on my head. Henry will grab it when he nurses, so it gets pulled up into a messy bun on the top of my head. I pull on shorts and a nursing tank. If I'm feeling glamorous, I might actually put on a (nursing) bra! I usually don't even bother with makeup anymore, because it's just too damn hot here in Texas and I don't go anywhere fancy anyway, so what's the point? My toes haven't had a pedicure in three weeks and the color has grown out.

I swore I wouldn't become this way, yet here I am! Just a bra-less, undone, frumpy housewife. I used to be the "cute girl" at work. You know, hair curled, heels on, outfit done up right with accessories, makeup nicely done.


Feeling frumpy is bogus. Clearly, it's time for a little effort on my end to feel like {a fraction of} my former self again. But how does one motivate herself when the bulk of my day surrounds diapers and spit up?

I didn't have the answer to that question. But I decided to take one week, and make myself get together. Every day. For one week. If I felt better after that one week, I would be doing something right, right?! If not... Well, add this to the list of life's questions we're all seeking answers to.

I'll follow up with a post on how this goes! I could have posted some pics of what I looked like earlier in the week and thus document my "un-frump Paige journey" but that's a few too many selfies... Right? Right. So instead, this meme, which defines life right now:


And I'll leave you with this one, because I lololololololol'd:



  1. Don't be so harsh on yourself - you have a 2 mo old. You're allowed to be un-made up.

    1. Hey cousin, thanks for reading my blog! Yeah, I know it's ok to not be all 'did up, but everyday? All of them? It's getting old! I need to do something with myself...

  2. Interested to see how the week goes (:

    And that meme has me laughing so hard!!

    1. Hey Lindsey, thanks for stopping by! Isn't that hilarious?! My baby makes that face too... And no, it's not just a fart. Oh, mommyhood.

      I'm currently crafting the follow-up post... Stay tuned! I hope it comes off as hilarious as I think it is!

    2. *Lindsay. Sorry, I hate it when people misspell my name! I mean, there's a whopping five letters, get it right, right? Right.

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