An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Time For A Little Effort Follow-Up

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time For A Little Effort Follow-Up

Last week, I posted about feeling eight shades of frumpy as a new mom.

Instead of just complaining about it {man, I can't stand people who only complain and don't act, yaknow?!}I also told y'all what I was going to do to attempt to fix it: Get myself made up every single day for a week.

And now, the burning question: Did it work?!

Kind of.

The thing is, I don't have the time between baby screams to take a legit 15 minute shower, spend 15 mins on my makeup, and another 20 on my hair. I just simply don't. So I took seven to ten minute showers, nic'd myself while shaving so hastily, and spent ten minutes on my makeup and hair combined. While the left me not completely gross, it doesn't leave me very glamorous either.

This is effort, friends. Hey, there's blush, mascara and a necklace! And also, half-air-dryed-hair. Oops.

Dang! What else can I do to de-frump myself?!

The majority of the blogs I follow all raved and went on and on about the Nordstom sale. I figured, "say now! While I'm working on not being a disgusting frumpy SAHM, why don't I shop a little for some new clothes that, oh I don't know, don't make me frumpy!" I pulled up the sale and my fellow bloggers were quite right; there were some amazing deals out there!

Uno problemo: I have absolutely NO IDEA what size I am. None. All I can tell you is that I'm not my former size and I'm way too small for maternity. And that's quite a range of potential sizes. And designers all seem to size differently. Boo. What's the solution to that? Buy accessories! So I picked up a cute new Kate Spade phone cover. Then I headed over to my beloved J Crew and bought a dress, since I DO know what dress size I am at the 'Crew, and dresses work well with a post-baby-in-transtion-body.

I'm hoping that with some shiny new accessories and a few more clothing options that are easy to wear and not frumpy, I'll successfully address my de-frump debacle!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm currently in pink running shorts and a purple Athleta hoodie post-run (hey, I got sweaty and had to take off what I actually ran in and had to do it quickly - Henry was hungry!) so I need to heed my own advice and, errr... De-frump myself today. Or just match. I'd take matching clothes at this point.

I wasn't kidding.


  1. Good for you! I can imagine it's really hard to transition back to a new "normal" after you have a child. Do what you can, and embrace the crazy. And hey---a 7 minute shower is totally better than no shower. ;)

    1. Haha, it's true, 7 mins is better than none... But for those (all too often) "none" days, can we talk about how awesome dry shampoo is?!

  2. Not looking frumpy at all!! Love the dress you bought from J.Crew!!

  3. you dont look frumpy at all! thats more than i do on a daily basis, i'm lucky if i even bother to dry my hair and throw on some mascara! lol