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Monday, July 14, 2014

Mommy Monday: Two Months In - Product Reviews

I think the only thing constant about having a baby is that everything constantly changes. Think you've finally got a schedule down? Think again! Think you've found just the thing that soothes the 3am crying? Not tonight!

And on and on...

The same goes with what products work well for your baby. I did this post after Henry was a month old. Now that he's two months old, I have some very different opinions! Thus, we arrive at my product reviews after 60 days of use:

The "It" List:
- Similac Sensitive Formula: You read that right. Miss "I'm going to breast feed Henry until he's six months old because formula is garbage!" is feeding her baby formula in addition to boobie milk. We're still nursing. But letmetellya, this kid is an EATER. He still eats every three hours, 24/7. He ate whatever I produced, which meant that I couldn't pump ahead, which meant that I never got a break and never got to sleep more than an hour or so at a time. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown... So we began supplementing with formula. I'm still not impressed with it or myself (I mean, the first effing ingredient is corn syrup!) but you know what? I was going to murder EVERYONE if I couldn't sleep. Or have more than a glass of wine. So my organic, granola-hippie-all-natural approach to feeding Henry got chucked HARD out the window. Game over.

- H&M baby clothes: The hubby and I have passed along our tall and thin genes to Henry. We're currently struggling with the fact that length-wise, we need to put him in 6mo clothing, but waist/girth wise, he's NB/3mo. Baby Gap makes clothes for short fat babies... Carter's makes them for average all around babies... And H&M makes them for tall and slender babies! And, the clothes are adorable. Aaaaand, they're super cheap. High five, H&M!

I mean... Panda socks. H&M, thank you.

The S*&! List:
- 365 Everyday Value Diapers: Yup, I loved these in my last review. Not so much anymore! The thing is, Henry is a big eater. You know what a big eater gets you? Big pees and poops. These diapers are simply not absorbent enough even for two hours on Henry - he'll pee right through them! One day I believe I switched his outfit no fewer than four times due to this issue. Bye-bye, Whole Foods diapers.

Don't worry; I won't insert an image of an over-soaked diaper here.

- Philips Avent bottles: We have the slow-flow nipples... And yet, my son, who eats like he's never been fed before EVERY time, still manages to pull so much milk from them that he can't swallow it fast enough. So whether it's formula or breast milk in the bottle, it ends up all down his chin, in his neck folds, and ruins his outfit. Also? These "natural" bottles are supposed to be BPA-free, but an independent study on them found that to be untrue. In fact, these bottles came up as the biggest offender of misleading marketing and full of icky chemicals that get transferred into your baby's digestive system. Not cool, Philips. (I should note, this company also makes glass bottles, which I've just ordered in an 8oz size to replace the plastic 4oz size... I'll let you know how I like the larger glass version!)

See this mess?! Yeah, you don't want this mess, or those bottles!

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