An Uncomplicated Life Blog: April Birchbox Item(s) Review


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April Birchbox Item(s) Review

Now that I've had some time to play around with my April Birchbox, I wanted to highlight my favorite items with you!

This box was crammed with goodies. It was really hard to choose what to highlight as my favorite. I was able to narrow it down to two, but couldn't decide on just one.

Number 4 Lumiere d'hiver Clarifying Shampoo came in a very plain black and white bottle (the full size version actually has an interesting bottle... Not sure if it's functional, but it is indeed fun looking). I opened it to smell it, and thought, "Meh. Another shampoo sample" and then threw it in my shower to try it out later.

The weather here in Dallas has been HOT and surprisingly humid. I naturally have oily hair, but in this weather it gets real gross, real fast. This shampoo lathered well and felt good in the shower. You know, which is a plus and everything... But then it kept my hair clean and shiny ALL day. And then the next one, too. I usually wash every other day and spritz dry shampoo on my roots in between washings, but I felt no need for any dry shampoo on day two. The real miracle happened on day three. My hair was still pretty clean! It didn't strip my hair and make it dry - it simply made it really good and clean.

Bonus: the smell of the product in my hair was far, far better than what it was straight out of the bottle. You know, the whiffs you get when you have a new (and new-smelling) hair product in? Yeah, that smell. It was great - almost like an Aveda product.

How About Them Apples "The Balm" had about the cutest packaging ever. It's a creme-based product that can be used on lips and as a cheek stain. The full size comes with all six colors, but I received the sample of "Pie." It's a bright pink-coral color, which I have to say, is tough for my olive-without-a-summer-tan-yet skin tone to pull off. I usually don't like samples of makeup products because, frankly, I have unique coloring - dark olive skin with dark hazel eyes and light hair - makes it tough to find shades that work with all the contrasting colors I seem to have going on.

This was pretty though! I tried it on my cheeks and it blended easily. It was a flattering shade on my lips, but I would recommend a gloss to put over the stain to make it pop. I would say, though, that it would be a tough product to put in your purse as only a lip color. You have to use your finger to apply it since there's no brush, and wouldn't you know... Your finger tip gets stained if you can't wash your hands right away! So my sample will remain a cheek stain.

I mean, seriously with the packaging?! Love it!


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