An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Mommy Monday: Happy {Belated} Mother's Day!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mommy Monday: Happy {Belated} Mother's Day!

Happy {Belated} Mother's Day to all my mommy's and soon-to-be-mommy's out there!

This was my first "unofficial"/still-very-pregnant Mother's Day. So despite the fact that I'm still only a mommy to our two doggies and baby boy is still kickin' it internally, my husband made the day special for me.

First, I came into the dining room to find this:

I was told to open the pink card, addressed to "Mom" first. It was a super sweet card for a mama-to-be!

Then I tackled the wrapped present. I'm not at all a sentimental person; I'm not "mushy" and I rarely cry in films. In fact, emotions annoy me. So my husband was scared to get me something sentimental for my "first" Mother's Day, and kept talking about how I could return it if I didn't like it. But this was very sweet. It's a Willow Tree "Now We Are Three" figurine that will be adorable in the nursery!

Next, I was told to open the piece of paper. Kirk created a gift certificate telling me that he got me an aqua-therapy session at Adrift Float Spa. Basically, you float in salt water and feel weightless, and they do some other treatments on you to take all the weight and pressure of pregnancy off a poor aching body. Another pregnant friend did it, and she said she felt fantastic and back-pain free for days afterwards. Yesssss! That's scheduled this week.

Then, Kirk made me breakfast. I requested sprouted-grain Belgian waffles, fruit and bacon. Mmmm!

After such a big breakfast, I thought a walk to White Rock Lake would be great. So we rounded up our four-legged boys and ventured out to hunt birds and squirrels, make some new dog-friends, and sniff wildflowers. I had to snap this shot, because all my boy's rumps were just too cute!

After a nice rest, I headed off to yoga. It was a great and relaxing day! My mama spent the weekend in New York City with my sister, but she'll be coming back next week for the impending arrival of her first grand-baby, so we'll get some time to celebrate together then. I hope you were able to spend some time with your hard-working mom, or were able to be spoiled like I was on this great holiday!

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