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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

My husband Kirk had a birthday yesterday!

Any gift giving holiday is always tough for me - what do I get the guy who has everything, or could simply go out and get himself whatever it is he wanted? I mentioned earlier this week that I am NOT sentimental, but do you know who is? Kirk! Therefore, it's always a good bet to get crafty and make him something to celebrate these holidays.

I had a good idea of what I would give him this year way in advance of this birthday. But with all the baby happenings around here, I couldn't get it ordered in time to have it delivered by his birthday, dangit! When retail stores fail you, it's best to take matters into your own hands (literally) and make something personal and special.

Time to get to craftin'.

I had these great "action" shots and some good ones of the final product... Then realized they may or may not reveal the name we have picked out for Baby Boy! Thus, this mediocre "action" shot and no final shot to show my immaculate painting skills. Bummer!

After the present was made, wrapped and the card filled out, I ran to a bakery to pick up some delicious cake. Holy-massive-assortment of cakes! It just wasn't even right for a pregnant woman to be standing in that bakery. I nearly ordered one of everything... But regained control of myself and went with something vanilla-y and fruity, and one crazy chocolate thingy. 

Kirk got home from his meetings with clients late in the afternoon. Since he was the birthday boy, he got to decide if he wanted presents first, cake first, or to head to the burger joint he wanted to hit up for an IPA and some grease. We decided to head to an early dinner at Good Friends where we indulged in burgers, fried pickles, waffle fries, and beer.

Low cholesterol birthday fare. My burger is topped with veggies; Kirk's is topped with bacon, BBQ brisket, extra cheese... And tomatoes, to keep it healthy!
When we got home I lit the birthday candles and hid my horrific signing voice by grabbing our dogs and having "them sing to daddy." Sometimes having dogs around is just the best, you know?! We were still far too stuffed from dinner to enjoy either of the mini cakes I bought, so we headed outside with the dogs for a bit, and *one of us* was able to enjoy a few more birthday brews.

It was a great, relaxing, simple and low-stress way to celebrate another year of Kirk's life, which is exactly how we think birthday celebrations should be!


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