An Uncomplicated Life Blog: High Five for Friday!

Friday, May 2, 2014

High Five for Friday!

All day yesterday I walked around thinking it was Friday. I was excited for our plans "that night" and got to throwing around plans with some folks for Saturday night as well... But I was talking about "tomorrow" and just ended up confusing everyone.

I hate it when my brain refuses to work! That ever happen to you?

So, I decided to unofficially theme this H54F post, "Paige's H54F Best-of-Stupid Moments" to celebrate what is hopefully the last few weeks of my pregnancy brain. Here goes:

1) Our coed baby shower was awesome. And awesomely hot, clocking in somewhere in the mid 90's and super humid to boot. Maybe that's when my brain stopped working... It got cooked. Anyhow, you can read about the event here!

2) Have you ever drank Komboucha? I've had it several times before, and was super thirsty during my weekly Whole Foods run. So I picked out a flavor. Paid for it, and the rest of my groceries. Then after loading up the car, I sat down and absentmindedly start to shake the bottle (most juice I drink needs a good shake since they're all-natural products). I start the car to run the AC, and start to text a few friends back. Meanwhile, I'm still shaking...

Then I open it to an EXPLOSION of strawberry all over my face, phone, shirt, legs, seat, dash board. Yeah, kinda forgot about the whole "naturally carbonated through fermentation" thing. Oops! Pregnancy brain FAIL. On a brighter note, my car now smells like (fermented) strawberries. Wait, is that gross?

This brand is great if you want to dip your toes in the Komboucha water. Just don't shake before opening!
3) Last week, I randomly met a woman in my Friday ballet barre class. She had just given birth to her daughter five weeks ago, and was recommending home workout DVDs for me since our club won't take babies in the day care until they're 12 weeks old. We quickly bonded over how bizarre and huge pregnancy boobs are.  

Let's get serious here, any woman who's willing to talk openly about her boobs in the first five minutes of the conversation is someone I'm going to love.

We've hung out since then, and she's awesome! I love meeting new friends in obscure places by talking about gross pregnancy issues. Pregnancy brain was on my side for this great moment, since she understood juuuuuuust where I was coming from! Or, trying to come from...

4) Since baby boy could be here in as little as one to two weeks (and as long as seven weeks... But I won't focus on that) I decided I should start to get my hospital/birth center bag ready. That's when I realized I had no nursing tops to wear! So I ventured out to get some post-baby supplies, just in case he wants to join the real-world-party soon.

I picked out four nursing tanks and two stretchy nursing bras, went to pay for them, aaaaaaaand... had forgotten my wallet in my gym bag. Which was at home. Pregnancy brain FAIL. I did go back and get the wallet, then went back for the items. As far as nursing bras go, these were actually pretty cute! Trust me, options are limited to mediocre, ugly, super-ugly, and super-ugly-granny-inpired.

It might seem like I'm sponsored by a Pea in the Pod. I'm not - they just carry clothes for tall, slender pregnant women. Love them for that!
5) I mentioned here that we picked out our car seat. So clearly, the next step is to get the base installed in your car. If you follow me on Facebook you probably know that we were going to trade my car in for something bigger. Well, with one baby, I just don't want a bigger car. I love my car. So my little Audi A4 and I will maintain our longstanding friendship until baby number two comes along.

With that decision made, it was time to get my car seat base properly installed. I read the instructions... Something about LATCH systems, belts, leveling the seat... HUH?!?! It was too hot and I was too pregnant to focus on this. My husband gave it a try and said, "Yeah, I don't get it." My car dealership was worthless. So my last resort was taking a trip to our local police station. I waddled on in there and asked for either help, resources to help, or the date of a clinic where they'd have staff to help. Everyone was so nice! Maybe I was a nice break from all the paperwork and criminal complaints they have to deal with daily? Regardless, nobody was officially on staff to help me, but one of the officers heard I was looking for assistance and came to my rescue. He was a daddy of three and had that sucker installed in about two minutes flat! Thanks kind officer for helping this pregnant brain lady figure out something so *simple* in her moment of need.

The weather is getting hot-hot-hot here in Dallas, and I hope it's heating up for you too - wherever you're reading from! Happy weekend, readers!

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  1. Good luck with your upcoming delivery of your baby boy!! For what it's worth, I loved the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra for my 17 months of nursing. It's definitely not the cutest bra you'll ever own, but it was comfy, stretchy, and held up well for almost a year a half.

    1. Thanks Rachel! Sometimes you just gotta go with function over fashion, and be comfortable! And I love any and all recommendations from in-the-know mamas :)

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