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Friday, April 24, 2015

5 Fashion Friday Items From Stitch Fix

If you read my fist Stitch Fix review, you know I was completely underwhelmed by them. Most of what they sent me didn't fit my awkwardly lanky frame. I kept one shirt because it was comfy and, hey - why waste the $20 styling fee, right? That's how they get 'cha.

I did another closet purge because I hate excessive stuff, especially excessive stuff that's been hanging around since 2010, and decided to give Stitch Fix another try. Because I'm the only woman on the face of the planet who hates shopping.

I gave them a detailed review of the fist "fix" they sent, and wouldn't you know? The second fix was on point! Everything fit! Everything was cute! Well, except the necklace. More on that shortly.

Lets begin:

1) Gilli "Colleen Faux Wrap Dress" $64
I absolutely love this color! The cut of the dress is flattering on my "inverted triangle" shape figure (learned that term from Stitch Fix!). The neckline isn't too low, so it's safe to wear around my handsy son. I just wish it was less than $64. I bet I could find something like this at TJ Maxx or Marshall's for a third of the cost. You know, if I actually shopped. Shipped it back.


2) Henry & Belle "Paulie High Rise Skinny Jean" $148
I simultaneously squeal, jump for joy, pee in my pants a little and dance a jig when I can find pants that are narrow enough through the thighs, 36" inseam or longer AND under $200. These met all those criteria. The thing is, I already have a pair exactly like these. And in Texas, I wear jeans two months a year. Given it wil be 90-115 degrees for the next six months, shipped them back.

3) Mystree "Castagnola Split Neck Top" $48
When I pulled this out of the box, I knew it was a keeper. Didn't even need to try it on. But I did, and I love it. It's like something you'd find at Anthropologie without the obnoxious Anthro price tag! It's so lightweight, I'll be wearing this all summer. Kept this!

4) Bancroft "Wendy Layered Branch Necklace" $32
This looks like something I would like and wear. But it came to me in a knot so bad, after spending 15 minutes attempting to detangle it, I quit. I bet someone tried it on and returned it, and it was sent to me like that. Meh, things happen. Shipped it back, obvi.

5) 41Hawthorn "Queensland Dolman Jersey Top" $48
This was the biggest surprise of the whole shipment. When I pulled it out I was like, "Meh, don't think so." But when I tried it on (with a pair of my own white J Crew Jeans) I was like, hey! This is actually cute. It's comfy. And the the color looks great on me! Which shouldn't have been so surprising, because you put an olive skinned girl in pastels and she looks like a pile of cat vomit {she being me}. But jewel tones? Rock those all day, err'day. Kept this!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?! It's so fun to get "styled" by someone else and try on clothes you wouldn't normally pick out for yourself!

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  1. That last shirt is my favorite. It looks awesome with your white jeans! You had some great items this month, and I think you made a great decision on which ones to keep. That other shirt is super cute and summery, too!

  2. Love the Mystree top! My stitchfix is coming but not soon enough!!

  3. Love that light airy top on you... and I'm totally jelly you can rock the dolman top because I KNOW how soft it is. Haha
    Yay for a SF win!

  4. It must be seriously hard because everything looks amazing on you! I love those jeans and that dress- wow!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. That blue top is pretty.

  6. I love reading the description of every piece because it's literally a running stream of thought just like how I think when trying clothes on. That blue dolman top looks gorgeous on you! I love the color and the fit is perfection! If a necklace gets tangled easily.....going back. Nothing makes me more batty!!!

  7. Well first of all everything looks good on you! Jewel tones are beautiful with your hair. I loved the triangle dress but you're right you could bargain hunt that and the anthro-style top is a hands down winner.

  8. Love both tops on you! And the jeans too, but totally understand being in TX you don't wear them too much. And yes for long jeans on us tall girls! The hubs actually just got a guys Stitch Fix-type box b/c he has to dress up every day for work and hates to shop. I'll be curious to see how they do with his size (huge shoulders and back, small waist and long legs with a big booty). ;)
    Have a great weekend love!

  9. LOVE that dolman top! The white jeans make the color really pop, and it looks SO good with your skin and hair!

  10. They sent you some great things (minus the necklace--why didn't they untangle that prior to shipping it??)! I probably won't even try the service because I feel like I could find similar items much cheaper than what they send. Based on some posts I've seen, though, some people have gotten decent deals by purchasing the entire shipment.

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F:)

  11. I haven't tried Stitch Fix but I feel like I'd be so conflicted because I'd have the same thoughts about some, man I like this, but I bet if I actually went out shopping I could find the same thing for much cheaper. But then I'd have to go shopping soo....ugh.
    I love the dolman top that you kept. That blue color looks so great on you! Hot mama!

  12. What a great collection from Stitch fix! I enjoy shopping, but not so much now that I have a toddler... squeezing a stroller into a changing room isn't fun. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and thanks for linking up at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  13. The blue Dolman top looks so pretty on you!

  14. I love the jeans and the split neck top. Totally cute. I still need to try Stitch Fix. I keep seeing so many great reviews of the products. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  15. So, so beautiful. I need to try Stitch Fix too!! I hope your Monday is marvelous! xo

  16. ahhh I am SO glad this one worked out better for you? are the blue jeans in the picture the ones you were sent? they are amazing! i want them. but they are a bit out of my price range, but man when you wear jeans as much as i do (stupid kentucky weather) they'd be worth it. that anthro look alike shirt is super cute, as is the last one, that colour is gorgeous on you! i feel like i'm the same with pastels vs jewel tones!

  17. oops it's supposed to be a ! not a ? after worked out better for you. d'oh!

  18. I have yet to try Stitch Fix, but it sounds pretty fun!! And I agree- that patterned top looks fabulous on you and I'm glad you found something you loved this time around :)

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  19. Last blue shirt is my favorite. I think everyone but me is doing Stitch Fix. I see such beautiful pieces from them. I love to find stuff at outlets and Marshalls for a bargain.

  20. Looks like you had an awesome collection from Stitch Fix. I've been wanting to try it. I love the Jersey Top on you. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for linking up to H54F!

  21. Yes! Huge StitchFix fan... love that dress!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  22. I looove that first dress on you, the color is amazing! But yes, it's way too expensive for its style. Not practical at all. Loving the cobalt top too :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  23. I love the thank, it really does have an Anthro vibe to it. I hate to shop as well but refuse to pay any monthly membership fee for any type of shopping.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.