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Friday, April 3, 2015

Top Five Bloggers of the Week

About three months or so before I launched this blog (almost one year ago!) I was desperately seeking other bloggers to follow so that I could get some ideas of what I'd want my own space to look like.

I was so green to the blogoshpere, I didn't even know where to find them! And then I found bloglovin, but didn't know how to find bloggers with similar interests and fun writing styles. You know, the bloggers you want to follow.

Well, you're in luck. In the spirit of promoting other bloggers and spreading the love, I'd thought I'd make it easy for you. Here are my Top 5 favorite blog posts this week (along with some of my all-time favorite bloggers that you'd be cray cray not to follow)

Best Blog Posts of the Week - in random order, of course:

1) Camp Patton || Prepare The Way
This warrior mama is due with baby #5 in June... Which will leave her with five kiddos under the age of five! How she maintains sanity, much less the time to blog, is beyond my one-baby-seriously-considering-adding-number-two mind. She moms, she blogs, and she's hysterical to boot. She talks about empowering her own minis to make their activity bags for church. I'm totally stealing this idea for when my own mini(s) decide wet wipe origami is for the birds. Currently, wet wipes are the bees knees for toys, so I'm in the clear!
Grace from Camp Patton

2) Meet at the Barre || Don't Sell Yourself Short - The Dark Side of Blogging
First, Amanda is a fashion queen. She can take just about any image (of a sweater, boots, skirt, etc) and find where to buy it and how much it costs. How's that for internet skills?! In this blog post though, she talks about making money blogging. She and I had been exchanging texts about this exact topic and I was so glad to read this post! Amanda has pretty much grown her blog from a hobby to a business in a year, and I love it when she shares tips, tricks and secrets for the rest of us to follow!
Amanda from Meet at the Barre

3) Miranda Writes || Spicy, Tangy Deviled Eggs
Deviled eggs are one of those classic foods that everyone loves, and everyone forgets that they love. Miranda incorporated some horseradish into her recipe, which I find genius. She's smart, savvy, and links some of the best reads to her blog (seriously, get in on her coffee chats - you wont be disappointed!) Miranda Writes will keep you sane just like Miranda Rights will keep your arrest record safe... See what I she did there?
Miranda from Miranda Writes

4) Life Could Be A Dream Blog || Growing Baby #2 30 Week Update
I know not everyone likes reading pregnancy updates. But if there's one thing you know I love, it's real, honest mama's. Not the ones who say pregnancy is the best thing ever and being a mom is Jesus-level joy (although it can be!). Jana broke down her update post with a dose of honesty I admire through and through! She also has fantastic recipes, a Tuesday fashion link up and is always interesting and insightful in her posts. Put her on your rotation, stat.
Jana from Life Could Be A Dream Blog

5) Making Mrs. M || Fill Up Your Makeup Bag for Under $50
No best blog post would be complete without my girl Jaelan. She was my first follower. We text each other all day, bouncing ideas off each other, sharing best-practices and new blog resources with one another. She's a beauty guru, but is also well-spoken on a number of other topics. She wrote the first ever USEFUL beauty post - none of this "Check out my Sephora haul!" materialistic crap from this fine lady. Lover her. Hashtag bloggerBFF.
Jaelan from Making Mrs. M

I hope you enjoyed checking out these amazing bloggers! Seriously, add them to your daily reading rotation. They never disappoint!

Per usual, linking up with my other Friday Favorites gals - Amanda, Karli, Friday Five and H54F!


  1. I need to check out he Camp Patton blog. That girl sounds like a HERO! My goodness.
    As far as all the others--I love them, too!
    Feeling all the feels this morning. #BloggerBFFs!

  2. I'd take any blog recommendations from you! I think we have similar interests and things we look for in other blogs. I already follow some of them fabulous ladies and am looking forward to reading some from the others!

  3. I love this idea! Totally stealing it, if you don't mind. :)
    5 little ones under 5?! That a lot.
    Loved Jaelan's post too! And Amanda's post was awesome. So true!
    Love finding fabulous new bloggers to follow.

  4. I absolutely adore Camp Patton. She even commented on my blog once and I about flipped my shit. Seriously, I was crazy excited.

  5. I was speed scrolling down to come comment about Amanda's post and BAM! I actually got spooked by my own face on the internet. It's been a long week... Thank you for sharing my recipe! I am off to go check out some of these ladies that I'm unfamiliar with (especially Camp Patton; color me impressed). I echo what you said at the beginning of the post. I was a blog reader before I was a blogger and had a huge group of ladies that I followed (mostly bigger blogs). When you're writing your own blog, it's so important to connect with other people that will actually see and respond to your comments and whom you can talk to and connect with. There are so many blogs out there, and we've got to support each other every chance we get... =)

  6. Wow I am in some fabulous company! I love Camp Patton! Seriously she makes the everyday in's and out's of life so hilarious. There were a few new faces on there definitely am checking them out. Thank you for your sweet words. You know us we can't just do something and not strive to make it the best ;-)