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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Practicing Karma Yoga

When I was in my yoga teacher training two years ago, the instructors kept talking about karma yoga. "Huh?!" was all I could think. "Like... Poses come back to you on your mat, or...???"

No, not like that. No boomerangs here.

This is the type of yoga you practice to benefit others. You go, you give, you flow and you practice giving good karma to the world. There's serva yoga too, where teachers offer classes free of charge to students. This allows students who otherwise wouldn't be able to take a yoga class to participate and experience it.

This past weekend, my sister was in town and we met up with some of my Dallas yogi friends to participate in One Love Dallas. It's a big yoga fundraising event to support women and girls who are victims of sex trafficking. It would disgust you to know how prevalent this is not only in other countries, but right here in the United States, too.

We rolled out our mats at the AT&T Performing Arts Center lawn and did 108 sun salutations. Ok, I only did about 60 of them, but there were some bada$$ yogis there who did the whole shebang!

They lined up some great sponsors and had some great event schwag. In fact, Athleta was there and since I was wearing an Athleta shirt, I got a free yoga mat. Score!

The giveaways aren't as important as the mission of the event. And the mission of the event isn't even as important as the fundamentals behind karma yoga: To go out into the world and do good. Expect nothing in return. Be the person to everyone else YOU would want to interact with daily. Do good things because it feels good to do them.



  1. that is so awesome! i have never seen something like that in toronto but if they put an event like that together, i'd go for sure!

  2. You all look so stinking cute!!!! I would love to attend one if these. Good times. Hope your day is fabulous!!!

  3. What a fun event and a free yoga mat on top of that - amazing!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. They do yoga in the park every Sunday in downtown tampa it is such a great end to the weekend especially when the weather is beautiful! I would love to be able to give out barre karma like this ;-)

  5. This looks like so much fun, and I love the cause behind it!

  6. you got a free mat? score!! i want a free mat!
    i want there to be something like this around here... but yeah no. not in kentucky.
    sigh. but i love your message - do good because it feels good, expecting nothing in return. love it!

  7. Such a great event for a great cause! Looks like the perfect day for it too.

  8. What a great event! Sounds like a fantastic cause too. And yay for Athleta! My fave.

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