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Monday, October 5, 2015

Rescue Dog To The Rescue!

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My husband had already adopted Baxter when we started dating. He volunteered at a local shelter to walk the dogs while he was in college, and walked Baxter one day (then known as "Bubbles" - the name the shelter gave him.) My husband loved him instantly since he was different than all the large labs he was used to walking, and ended up adopting him.

When I entered the picture, I could see how much these two loved and depended on each other. Baxter follows my husband around incessantly! He sits by the window, waiting for him to come home from business trips. He knows the sound of his car when it drives by, and races to the backdoor for him to enter at the end of the day.

Baxter the rescue mutt
Me, on the other hand? It took me a while to fall in love with Baxter. As a shelter dog, he had some attachment issues and that drove me nuts. I had my own dog, Otis, whom I gotten as a puppy and trained and socialized. I was used to a dog behaving the way I had trained him to!

A few months after moving in together, I sat Baxter down for a chat. There was a thunderstorm, and he was refusing to go to the bathroom outside, making me late for work. "Alright Baxter, we gotta figure something out buddy! We have to live together. But I don't coddle you like daddy does. I have rules. I have expectations. So let's figure this out so we can play together!"

All Baxter needed was some consistent discipline and encouragement, and he was a new dog! See, with hubs travel schedule, the poor dog never really had a consistent caregiver. Sure, hubs was around on weekends, but that was a playmate for Baxter - there was never the same person around to consistently set the same expectations day in and day out. But Baxter is a smart dog! After only about a month of having to enforce rules, this dog caught on. He's no puppy either: he's 14 years old and was adapting to my way of training him, smart boy! He went to the bathroom outside in storms and he played well with others. His barking reduced. He was a new dog!

Good dogs get PEDIGREE® treat rewards!
After three years together, this 25 pound mutt is my right hand man while my husband travels. If there's a bug in the house, I just call Baxter and he rushes in to the rescue and kills it immediately. Seriously, I just say, "BUG!" and he hunts it down and takes care of the problem. If I'm having a long day with Henry, I get him a ball and Henry and he play fetch, giving me a solid half hour of rest. No need to clean up after a huge baby mess, either! If Henry has thrown his food around, I just call the dogs in and they take care of the cleaning for me.

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I reward this sweet boy with PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX® doggie treats. He LOVES them, and they work to keep his teeth clean and freshen his breath. Because I now have two awesome dogs, it's so easy for me to head to Sam's Club and pick up a big box - we need a lot of treats for all the good doggie behavior around here! Speaking of, Sam's Club also offers a 55lb bag of PEDIGREE® brand dry dog food that's great for your pet! Both are easy to find in the Pet Care aisle of Sam's Club, as are tons of other PEDIGREE® products.

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  1. When we get a dog, we will be getting a shelter dog. There are so many amazing dogs out there waiting to be loved :)!

  2. Sweet Baxter. Since meeting him I can't help but think, "you ate the whole wheel of cheese? Seriously, I'm not even mad. That's impressive". You know, from Anchorman. Haha
    I'm glad the two of you worked everything out. He's a sweetie.

  3. Aww I love your story! Sometimes it's not easy, but boy is it worth it in the end! Sounds like Baxter has a pretty awesome home :)

  4. So sweet. Glad you stuck it out with Baxter. I'm a huge advocate of adopting so kudos to you all!

  5. I love that you rescued your dog! Right now we are planning to wait to get a pet so that we can have more freedom to not have to go home right after work and be able to travel without having to find someone to watch our pets. But when we do get a dog, I think we will try to get a rescue. It's so good to be able to take in a dog who really needs a home and someone to love!

  6. Oh I love your story! Baxter is so cute. When the time is right, I plan on getting a rescue dog. I so wish I could do it right now but with my work schedule I can't. It would be so unfair to the dog.

  7. Such a sweet sorry! I think it is funny how dogs will attach themselves to one person like that and treat them in a totally different way than other people! Our dog is the same way!

  8. Dogs are quick learners that's for sure. We don't have any pets, but baby girl decided that she wants a Maltipoo named Lucy. We'll see if that ever happens. :)

  9. Awwwwwww this makes me love your husband that much more! Bubbles though? Hahahhaha good thing he took care of that ;-) Definitely sounds like a smart dog that he could be retrained after all those me hope for all males in general hahahhaa

  10. awwww this is so adorable!! i love that all you have to say is bug and he'll kill it. my cats just stare at bugs ;)

  11. Baxter seems like such a sweet dog! So happy that you two have created your own special bond :) #client