An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Slow-cooker Oktoberfest German Lentil Stew

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Slow-cooker Oktoberfest German Lentil Stew

German food seems to be hit or miss with people. Being a strong German mutt (German/Czech/Swedish to be exact) from the upper Midwest who grew up eating home-cooked, authentic German food, I fall into the LOVE camp. I mean, heck y'all, I've named my children Henry and Otto; of course I love German food! It'd be a crime NOT to at that rate. In the spirit of Oktoberfest, I'm sharing one of my favorite recipes with you: Slow-cooker German lentil stew. *Affiliate link used.

Great, simple #Oktoberfest recipe made in a slow cooker! #Crockpot

Slow cooker Oktoberfest German Lentil Stew
- 1 bag uncooked lentils
- 1 smoked kielbasa sausage
- 1 large sweet onion
- 2 carrot stalks, peeled and cut into bite sized pieces
- 1 28oz can diced tomatoes
- 1 32oz container chicken stock, divided
- 1 German beer
- 2C water
- 2 bay leaves
- 1t oregano
- 1T salt
- 1t freshly ground black pepper

Cut the sausage into bite sized pieces and brown in a skillet on high heat until the meat develops a dark brown color. Turn Crockpot/show cooker (don't have one? Click here) onto medium; add sausage and pan drippings to the slow cooker.

Chop onion and add it plus the carrots and canned tomatoes to the slow cooker. Sort and rinse the lentils and add them to the sausage and veggies. Pour the beer in; add 1C chicken stock, water and add the seasonings. 

Cook on medium heat in your Crockpot for 8 hours. Stir occasionally, and check the fluid level of the lentils. Depending on your altitude, climate and desire for a thicker/thinner stew, add more chicken stock when necessary.

This meal is great as is, but it's even better with a great crusty loaf of rye bread smothered in unsalted butter. If you're really going for the German experience, and why wouldn't you, pair it with a German lager. This meal is perfect throughout the fall and winter seasons. And so easy when all you have to do is throw this Oktoberfest German lentil stew into your slow cooker!


  1. This looks so tasty! I just want some right now.

  2. This looks delish and GREAT ingredients as well! I've gotta try it! - Oh BTW, Henry & Otto...I didn't know their names. Too cute. :) -Wendie

  3. Looks so yummy! Good work :)

  4. This looks so incredible. I'm really glad you decided to post this, because I am a German food FAN.

    Also, while we're on the topic, what is it with people who think German food is just schnitzel?!

  5. Uhm holy yes! This looks delicious!

  6. This sounds like comfort food to me! We were wanting to go to an Oktoberfest event this year but this might be the next best thing. I want to try it!

  7. OOOHHHH, this sounds so good! Being German myself (my maiden name is Stracke, my grandparents moved here from Germany) this falls right into my camp. Pinning to try this fall!

  8. mmm this looks good. i don't know if i've ever had proper german food.. do you think i could skip the beer? haha this really looks delish though.

  9. This looks delish! I need to try this once it cools down out here! Unfortunately it's still 99 degrees outside! Where is FALL!!

  10. That looks delicious! I need to cook more with Lentils.

  11. That no lie made my stomach growl. Saving and making when I get back from NOLA. Love the beer addition to it ;-)

  12. I am so happy I ran across this!!! Looks amazing, so gonna try this :-)

  13. This looks amazing. I need more yumminess in my life! Adding it to the list.

  14. I love a good lentil soup and will for sure try your recipe! My mother in law {who lives in Austria} makes so many great soups and stews, maybe I could make this one for her and she would think I was a good cook lol! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Yum... such a hearty recipe. I'll have to give this a try once the weather cools down a little.

  16. Oooooo I love a good, hearty, lentil soup!!! Great recipe! My husband LOVES soups with crusty bread to dip in all the warm, brothy goodness!