An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Friday Favorites October 30th Edition

Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favorites October 30th Edition

Five favorite moments of the week, favorite products and favorite links!

Now that I've cut my posting schedule down to three times a week, I have so many fun things I have time for! Whoohoo! This week was a much needed breath of fresh air. So much so that I decided to take it back to the old school Friday Favorites, just so I could share all the greatness.

Hopefully, you're one of those people who like to hear about positive things going on in others' lives. If not, this post is probably bumming you out. In which case, I'd recommend a change of your schedule to get your mind back right!

1) Dessange Paris sent me some PERFECT hair care products. One is a clarifying clay hair mask and the other is an oil balancing shampoo. They must have known I've hit the "oily" stage of pregnancy because my hair is producing oil on overdrive these days! I tried the shampoo and could actually go two days without a wash again. I'm saving the mask for when I get even oilier - after Otto's birth. Anyone else turn into an oil bucket the last few weeks of pregnancy? Just me? Yuck.

Friday favorites - Dessange clay shampoo and mask for oily hair. Amazing clarifying shampoo!

2) I grabbed lunch with a friend I haven't seen in months. I literally haven't had a spare second for a lunch date or a play date in over two months. That's just sad! Clearly, I sign I needed to cut back and I'm so glad I did. I missed her baby shower while we were in Cape Cod, and she's expecting a little girl any day now! We went to a Mediterranean buffet because hello: two very pregnant women + Greek food + buffet = duh.

3) I'm wrapping up the #FallForSYBL Instagram Challenge. Participating in a challenge was a great way for me to get a subject to photograph everyday as I work to improve my photography and Instagram aesthetic. While October is wrapping up, the good new is they just announced a November challenge in case you want to do something similar!

4) The weather is fall like for Texas and that means outdoor play dates. Henry looooooves playing at parks, and he's learning how to go up steps entirely on his own and slide down slides. It's so much fun to watch him learn new skills!

5) I found the time to start Otto's monogram for above his crib. Henry has one, and since they'll be sharing the nursery, Otto obvi needs one too. I wasn't sure I'd have time to get this done, but I've made some time! I'm trying to get it to match Henry's... And of course I hand-mixed the paint colors so an exact match is wishful thinking.

Friday favorites: Favorite #DIY. Making a wall hanging monogram for a baby's nursery

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Did anyone else have a fun week taking advantage of the fall weather - where ever you might be? Is everyone ready for some trick or treating or Halloween parties this weekend? I can't wait to see all your pics on social media! Now that I'm not forced to be on it promoting, I actually really enjoy surfing the social media interwebs and connecting with you all! And by "connecting", I really mean stalking and liking your content :) Enjoy your weekend as much as I hope you enjoyed these Friday Favorites - moments, products and links!


  1. Lots of fun favorites this week, lady! Having lunch with a good friend is the best, love good catch up time. And glad you are enjoyed and learned from your challenge. I'm not on INSTA [shocker, I know] but I think it's a fun way to learn different photography tips.

    I bet the monogram is gonna look great!

  2. Really interested in hearing more about the oil clarifying shampoo! And hope you share the final outcome for the name DIY! Have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. So glad you had a great week. Looking fab and I love your baby's name. Precious. Happy Halloween!

  4. hahaha stalking is the best way on social media ;)
    oh no, there is an oily stage to pregnancy? man pregnant peeps just can't catch a break!
    i love instagram challenges, but man i suck at participating in them every single day.

  5. Hope you show the finished product of the monogram once you get it complete!! How fun!

  6. Oh a buffet sounds so good right now. I think I've lost a few pounds this week being sick, so I could use some good food.
    Definitely share the finished letters for Otto's bed! Excited to see!! Have a fabulous Halloween!!

  7. My head is an oily mess and that shampoo and mask sound wonderful!! And I'm always on the lookout for instagram challenges - thanks for sharing. - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  8. I like photo challenge idea. Not sure I'm up for it. Sounds like a lot or work/I am a forgetful person haha. Interesting too about the oily hair. I did not realize that happened, but good to know! Glad so many positive things are happening for you girl!

    Meg @

  9. YUm Mediterranean buffet! can't wait to see how the letters for the baby's room turn out!

  10. I always try and participate in those photo challenges and then I forget about it after like 6 days haha. Maybe Ill attempt to do this next one!

  11. I just used the Dessange products and I was kind of impressed by the purifying powers. I don't think I need that very often, but I could totally tell the difference!

  12. Photo challenges are so much fun! They are a great way to keep up with posting, plus it's always great to see what others are posting too.

    Thanks for linking up for H54F!

  13. So glad you're getting some nice weather down in TX! Excellent! You had me giggling so much with that comment about pregnant women and buffets. YES! So true. Hope you had a fun festive Halloween weekend!