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Monday, August 17, 2015

Family-Centered Interior Design Ideas

In our family, I'm the "take-charge doer and manager" and my husband is the "planner and plan approver", if that makes any sense.

We moved into our home about six months ago, and sadly, we STILL have many bare walls and interior design plans that are merely in the plan stage, and have not come to fruition. So this last weekend, hubs and I did a "divide and conquer" approach to get some of these plans out of the plan stage and into the action phase!

Decorating your home around your family

Hubs took Lil' H and headed to a few of our favorite design/craft stores for some things for our playroom and half bathroom. Our playroom is 20x18 and had ONE thing on the wall! Embarrassing, I know. Here's how his family-centered interior design panned out:

This is my blogging space, in the playroom. {For any of my bloggers + moms, this is the ideal set up!} The banner was from Mother's Day and oddly fits the sign perfectly and the colors match what I already had going on in my little corner. How perfect is that?!

An office or blogging space in the playroom is perfect for SAHM's!

He got this for future storage (currently hung much higher than little toddler hands can reach into) and the playroom rules canvas was our lonely item already in place.

Wall decor ideas for playrooms or nurseries

In the half bath, he got more wire contraptions (not a big fan of this one, but I do like the blue one in the playroom!) He even picked out the nick-knacks (that's how spell check told me to spell it - looks wrong to me! Anyone help me here? Is that right?!) that are on the shelves. The man picked out a bird and mason jars, y'all.

Half bath or small bathroom decor ideas

Then he got this to display more pics of our family. He even went and got the photos printed! I can't wait to make some room to add Otto to the mix.

Clothes pin picture frame

What did I do while I handed the steering wheel of interior design and family-centered decor over to my husband and toddler? I met with our contractor, interior designers and showroom sales folks to schedule our master bathroom demolition! I designed our custom-built vanities, purchased a toilet, soaker tub and a few slabs of an eco-friendly recycled material for our upcoming brand new master bath. Construction starts this week and if everything stays on track, we should be riddin' pretty in our spa-like bath before the end of September. #fingerscrossed

How do you decorate your home? Do you incorporate any family-centered interior design or decor to make it feel more "homey"?


  1. Oh my gosh! I love how you sent Kirk and H to go get decor items. They did such a great job. I actually really love the wire hanger in the bathroom.

    Our apartment is definitely "family" centered. I worry sometimes that it makes us look narcissistic because there are photos of the two of us everywhere, but you know what--this is our family right now! We'll add-to and replace once our family grows. :)

  2. Love these designs! They are so cute---love that shabby chic look!

  3. It looks so great!! I love all the photos - that is the best part of having a home is all the pictures! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  4. i totally always thought it was knick knack. that nick knack looks weird.
    we have been in our house 2 years and there are still many, many blank walls hahaha. i love to plan and dream of things but then when it comes to spending money on things like that, i always think 'do i really need it? what could i buy instead?' and always end up buying something random like a pair of shoes instead of decor. we do have a lot of pictures around our house though, i love pictures!

  5. Wow, he did a good job! Go Kirk! I love that you like to hang family photos. So do I. They just make a house feel more homey.

  6. I like that you involved Kirk in the process that way he feels included and that he has a say. I know that sometimes is a topic in our household ;-) My current blogging corner, is my macbook on my lap on the couch.....I can't wait to one day have a little blogging nook or an office, what a concept. Your family photos melted my heart, so adorable!

  7. Ahh love all of this! We are closing on our house next week and I'm SO excited about decorating! I love adding a personal touch with photos and other mementos. Your blogging area is super cute, too!

  8. I quite like the wire contraptions/shelving/decoration pieces. Very Rustic and charming.

    I can't wait to see pictures of your before and after renovations. That's exciting :)

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  10. I am so excited to see your blog and come full circle in my hops. Thank you to all you fabulous bloggers for doing this. I loved getting the chance to meet and learn from you indoors designers and showroom sales folks to time table our grasp toilet demolition! I'm working in I designed our custom-built vanities, bought a toilet, soaked bathtub and some slabs of an green recycled cloth for our upcoming contemporary master bath. creation starts this week and if the whole thing remains on target, we should be ridding.

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