An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Traveling to Minneapolis

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Traveling to Minneapolis

A lot of bloggers love to write "travel re-cap" posts after they've been to a city, often high lighting where they stayed, where they ate, what they did, etc. This will get eye rolls from some of my blogging friends, but honestly - those posts are boring. I look at the city, think, "Yup, not going there in the next two-five years, longhairDON'TCARE."

So instead of a recap, I'm going to {attempt} to humor you with some anecdotes I noticed when I traveled to Minneapolis this past weekend. I am glad, however, that my blogging friends had a good time in their destinations! I DO like people to have great times! Can we pretty please still be friends?

Traveling to Minneapolis: Random Anecdotal Thoughts

I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be in a city that doesn't have strip malls everywhere. There's historic, stand alone buildings and mom n' pop shops and independent coffee houses galore. What a treat! Not to mention green grass and trees everywhere. I had forgotten what that was like because I live in an ugly, concrete jungle named Dallas.

I remembered that people there drive painfully slow, but I did NOT remember how poorly all the lights are timed. You sit at those things for more than half the commute time for where you're trying to go! It was absurd. It was more enraging than being forced into 45mph on the freeway!

You can throw a dart at a restaurant, any restaurant, and the food will be better than anything you'll get at the hottest, "best" restaurants in Dallas. Minneapolis is a foodie's dream. Unless you want tacos/Mexican... Don't eat that there, for any reason, ever.

Traveling with a toddler is a nightmare. I watched my typically well-behaved, mellow 15 month old turn into a temper-tantrum-little-devil-a$$hole. He showed all our friends and family his worst side, the ENTIRE trip. You know what toddlers love? Stability and routine. You know what traveling isn't? Stable and repetitive. Now I know - no trips involving hotels with children aged 1-3yrs. Just don't do it. Not MPLS related, just a life anecdote worth noting here.

Minneapolis is COLD. 65 degrees in August cold. I wore pants and sweaters the whole time. And I loved it... For four days. Pretty excited to return to summer by the end of our stay!

Despite said cold, everyone (myself included) was still wearing sandals. And I noticed that exactly 2% of Minneapolisites "believe" in pedicures. If your toes are hangin' and looking at everyone, why aren't they done?! Get a pedi, Minneapolis! Not even by a professional, you can do them yourselves... Just do them. Do something! Please Minneapolis. Busted-looking toes aren't cute.

Have you ever traveled to Minneapolis or another city and noticed some funny things? I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. 65 degrees in August sounds amazing!! Maybe it's because this Houston girl is just tired of 100 degrees?!?! Hope you had a fun time in Minneapolis!

    xo, Alice

  2. Wow, you are so brave to make this trip with a toddler! I love Minneapolis. It's a lot of fun to explore there. Next time I'm going to try a lot more restaurants!

  3. I never realized I wanted to go to Minneapolis, but after hearing you talk about it -- I'm THERE (as long as it's summer).

    Sorry you had a rough trip with H. Glad y'all got to get away for a bit, though! I would totally be digging some 65 degree days.

  4. I think that's the one city I can honestly say has never been on my destination list LOL - along with many others!! I never realized it was such a foodie city - this makes me want to go there!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Hahah I loved the pedicure part. Seriously I do it myself and it sucks but it's a part of life. Just do it. And I agree about the recap part...if I read "what to do in -blank- city" I always eye roll like, oh are you the expert? I much prefer to read something like this. And you actually convinced me that I might want to travel to Minneapolis someday!

    x. Morgan

  6. haha you are hilarious! on one hand, i completely agree with you. i have no desire to read about cities that i cannot see myself going to in the forseeable future (or at all). on the other hand, when i am planning a trip, bloggers are my go to information source (normally found via pinterest) so i like them for that.
    sucks that Henry wasn't loving the travel, hope he's back in routine now! i don't own any nail polish so if my toes are out.. you can bet they don't look cute. just a warning haha. if we ever meet in person, i'll get a pedi, i promise!

  7. One of Marks really good friends moved up there and I really want to visit (when it is warm of course). I have heard the food is amazing. Yeah traveling with toddlers I can only imagine is hard, especially when they don't get their schedule and naps in at the right time. I can only imagine about the pedicure thing. It's like when I go back up North and realize no one believes in a little mascara goes a long way right?

  8. Haha! I totally did one of those posts today. Sort of. I was scraping for something since all of my posts are in draft and I'm just not digging the computer these days.
    I can definitely say that Minneapolis has never been on my list of destinations, but all the food sounds fab! And yes, traveling with a toddler is for the birds.

  9. Man 65 for August, that's rough, although last couple of days has felt like fall in the evenings.

    Aren't you glad to be back home?!?

  10. Haha oddly enough I actually AM traveling to Minneapolis today! Crazy, right? But I'm just traveling with a husband not a toddler so it shoudl be pretty easy ;)

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