An Uncomplicated Life Blog: First Maternity "Fix" from Stitch Fix

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First Maternity "Fix" from Stitch Fix

You've all heard of Stitch Fix by now, since many bloggers have talked about it. Even I have before - this is my third "fix"! However, this was my first MATERNITY fix. Maternity clothes are a hot mess of fashion, and they pretty much don't exist if you're over 5'8.

So I put my stylist over at the Fix on notice: I'm five months pregnant and wanted maternity styles that are flattering. And stylish. And work in the Texas 110 degree day summers. Oh, and fit a 5'10 woman with a 38 inch inseam. Aaaaaaaan, go! Godspeed to you, stylist.

#StichFix has maternity clothes now!

If I'm being honest, I wasn't that impressed. I wasn't that impressed with my first non-maternity fix either, so I know my feedback will better guide my stylist in the future. Overall, the fix had a lot of fails. But there was one major, major win. A win so big, I don't care about the four fails!

Tart "Shaina Printed Maxi Dress" $98
This was the major win! The maternity maxi I got for Henry's shower was also from Tart. They know how to make a tall maxi, and it makes me so happy! Their fabrics are so soft, and their prints not too "loud" - so many maternity prints are SO LOUD, I almost vomit just looking at them. No so here! The cut is so flattering and will work for nursing, too. Kept it. Duh.

Tart "Shaina" print #maternity maxi from #StitchFix

Market & Spruce "Debra Lace Trim Maternity Knit Top" $58
I really loved the lace detail on the shoulders, and in the back was a cute keyhole (that still allowed for a bra to be worn with my mega-preggo boobs). It was just too big. There was so much fabric in the shirt, I could have worn this nine months pregnant with quintuplets. It was "tent-ish." Sent it back. (Paired it with my own pink maternity J Brand jeans from Pea in the Pod.)

Market & Spurce #maternity lace top, J Brand maternity colored #jeans

Collective Concepts "Maria Maternity Stretch Eyelet Detail Top" $68
I wanted to like this! But it was tunic length. It also was tripple-lined, which just doesn't work here in the Texas heat. The length will be great with leggings, which I won't wear until the end of October. It was too hard to say if this top would be flattering (or even fit!) then, so it was sent back. (Paired with my own Gap maternity cut-off shorts and J Crew leopard sandals.)

I spy with my little eye... Henry getting in on the action!

Papermoon "Remmie Printed Maxi Skirt" $58
All it took was one look at the print and I knew this wasn't for me. It also looked really small in the waist, and wasn't maternity, so I was doubtful it would fit... It did. But it hit well above my ankle. Not cute. Also, this is what the Collective Concepts top looks like fully pulled down - I bunched it up in the above pic so that you could see I was indeed wearing pants!

Papermoon #maxi skirt and Collective Concepts #maternity top
Loveappella "Sheeni Peasant Maternity Top" $34
Oh, you can't see it that well? Trust me, you're not missing anything. I looked like I had four-too-many-burritos, not five months pregnant in this top. It was off the shoulder, so one would have to go braless or wear an uncomfortable strapless with it. NOT what a preggo wants! This was an easy top to send back, immediately. (Paired with my pink J Brand maternity jeans from Pea in the Pod.)

Loveappella #maternity peasant top, J Brand maternity jeans
And, Henry peaces out to disassemble the tub faucet. Future plumber?

Stitch Fix is great because you fill out a style profile and a legit stylist selects five pieces for you, sent directly to your home. So you can try it on in good lighting (what's with dressing room lighting, y'all?!) and pair it with your own pieces to see how it will work for you (like I did above!) You're not obligated to keep a thing. But if you do, the $20 styling fee will be deducted from your order! And if you keep all five items, you get a hefty discount that seriously makes it worth your while.

Not pregnant? They have FANTASTIC "regular" clothes! Petite? Yup, they got you covered too. Pregnant like me? They just added maternity - be sure to check it out and put your due date in your style profile!

Have you gotten a "fix" yet?


  1. Hmm, not super impressive! I've been a little hesitant to try Stitch Fix because I've seen mixed reviews on it. Some people really luck out and get awesome stuff, but sometimes it seems disappointing. A lot of the pieces cost more than I'd be willing to spend, too. But it's nice that you get a big discount if you keep all 5 pieces!

  2. Oh man. I wish that lace sleeve top would have worked - it looked so cute from the angle you took the photo, but I totally understand hating tops that are too large. I run into that a lot with stitch fix because of my ginormous boobs. I'm a small/medium everywhere except the boobies... so it shoots me up to a large, in most things. The trouble with that is that tops fit in the boobs are swallow me everywhere else. Ugh. Sizing is hard.

    On a different note, I ADORE the dress you kept. It's perfect and it looks so great on you. Could you wear it after having the baby, too? It looks like it might work for non-maternity.

  3. I have yet to try stitch fix because I'm always hearing mixed things about them. Some people love them and some hate them. Seeing as I'm a big fan of clothing shopping online, I'm not sure I would like them. Although, I do love the dress you are keeping. It looks so good on you.

  4. When I saw the first picture I was like she's keeping the maxi. Yeah! I was right! The second pick, the black shirt it does look really cute in the photograph but I can't see all the excess material. The biggest winner of the whole post is your pink pea in the pod skinnies.....just like continue to hold onto those for me one day okay ;-)

  5. OMG! I totally feel your pain! I am also 5'10 and being preggo and still looking stylish was difficult!

  6. ahhh that maxi is gorgeous! i want it. i need it. that lace top is cute, but so big on you! that maxi skirt though, ew. lol. Henry photo bombing the photos is hilarious.

  7. I'm glad that maxi worked for you because you're going to be able to wear it so much!! I haven't tried the fix yet - I'm really into buying my own clothes but accessories that can be sent to me no problem! I'm with amanda - those skinnies are amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I'm not impressed nor swayed from what I've seen others posting. Such a shame.

    A 38 inch inseam?! Holy cripes! Now you have me curious what mine is; you aren't crazy tall but you're all leg, obvi. ;)

    I do like the maxi dress, looks great on you burrito lady ;P jk

  9. I love that tart dress! I'm 5'10 as well with a super long inseam so PREACH it sister!

  10. I love that maxi and your pink maternity jeans! I am 5'9" and i completely agree that it is so hard to find long enough maternity shirts and dresses especially for the last trimester. You look great mama loved your little photobomber!

  11. The maxi dress is so pretty, and I love the print!