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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Taking A Moment For Yourself to #FeelGooder

School started for most the country this week. Whether you're the one attending school or helping littles get off to school, the unofficial start of fall means rushed mornings, hectic afternoons, homework and activity juggling, and finally bedtime routines only to get up and do it all over again the next day. So when do you get to take a moment for yourself?

While Henry's preschool doesn't start until Sept. 9, we're already feeling the time-crunch-rush to get him prepared for his first day so that I can then focus on getting this house and myself ready to have this baby a in a few months!

The biggest way I save time during busy months is by eating breakfast on the go. I've really gotten into nutrition bars since Henry was born because they're so portable and usually fortified with additional vitamins and minerals. However, the nutrition bar struggle is real! They seem to either taste really good but aren't that great for you, or have only a few ingredients and packed with good stuff yet taste like the cardboard box they came out of. Anyone else feel me here?

ZonePerfect reached out to have me try their latest addition to the nutrition bar market, and I was skeptical. I'm a bit of a "bar connoisseur/elitist" and didn't want to review a product I couldn't get behind. However, I was able to easily find their Simply Perfect bars at Target while picking up some baby wipes and pregnancy acne remedies (true story!) and thought, heck! Why not?

Guys. Guys! These bars are GOOD. Like, really good. I picked up the dark chocolate and cashew flavor. When I opened the it up, I was pleasantly surprised to see the whole bar was dark chocolate (not just measly dark chocolate chunks!) and it was loaded with cashews. It has a whopping 11 grams of protein in it, and despite the "sweet sounding" flavor, it wasn't obnoxiously sugary. It was just tasty.

I really like how I can throw one in my bag on my way out the door and eat it, mess free, before I hit up a yoga class. The protein keeps me full and powered up throughout my workout.

Great tasting nutrition bars for better snacking or breakfast!

Since I'm pregnant and eating a few extra hundred calories a day, I also sometimes like an afternoon snack. It's so easy to grab one of the ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple bars and do some of my blog planning or post writing! My keyboard doesn't get sticky from messy fingers (who else is guilty of that?!) and the rich flavor is so satisfying for those afternoon hunger pains.

Great tasting nutrition bars for better snacking or breakfast!

When life gets busy, it becomes extra challenging to take a moment for yourself. We often rush through meals or worse yet, drive through a fast food joint out of desperation for convenience. ZonePerfect helps us take those moments and makes it easier with their Perfectly Simple bars! Remember to take time for yourself this hectic school year and #FeelGooder about your snacking choices!

Want to try ZonePerfect Perfect Simple bars at a discount?! Here's a coupon to give them your own taste test. Let me know what you think! I have my eye on the toffee almond crunch flavor, that's for sure. Happy snacking!


  1. I need to try these out. Just this morning I was too busy to eat breakfast (and I almost ALWAYS eat breakfast). I brought a banana, but I need some protein to start the day!

  2. Yum yum! These bars are the perfect way to take some time to yourself.

  3. Looks like an enjoyable snack!

  4. if you're a bar connoisseur/elitist then I totally trust you and will be trying these next time I go to Target!

  5. I haven't tried these ones yet. Bars are one of the things I can't eat right now. Hopefully again soon!

  6. I hate when I can't read half of the ingredients in a bar especially when they start putting all the fake sweeteners and weird protein isolates. These sound really good! I will definitely snag a box the next time I go to Target.

  7. Those actually sound pretty good. I'm a bit of a bar snob in that I only like Quest bars, everything else tastes like garbage. There's a few Lara bars I like too. I have never seen these bad boys yet. Cool!