An Uncomplicated Life Blog: What's The Deal With Rocksbox?!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's The Deal With Rocksbox?!

I feel like nearly everyyyyyyyyy blogger is talking about Rocksbox. I had seen it flying around the blogoshpere for several months when I got the email from a fellow Paige (yay!) who offered me several months free of the jewelry subscription service and a code for my readers to try it for free as well.

I'll be super honest with you: I was reluctant to accept. I'm really not into "loud" jewelry (you know what I'm talking about - the big, chunky, bold stuff that draws a whole lot of attention and - to me - looks like a whole lot of colored plastic). Most the reviews I've seen of this service have been chalk full of that stuff.

But her name was Paige and she was so cool and she praised this little blog of mine and my Instagram feed and I was like, "Ok fellow Paige, twist my arm!" And next thing I knew I was filling out a style profile and a wish list.

The style profile you fill out lets you get fairly detailed about your style, but I really think the greatest thing about Rocksbox is the wishlist. You add items to a list that you really like and would like to try on. This gives your stylist a visual of what exactly you like, and a "short list" of items you would like sent to you.

Rocksbox works like this: for $19/mo, you get jewelry sent to your home (in super cute packaging I might add!) There's a window of time where you can buy any of the pieces at a great discount. If you don't want to purchase any of it, you can wear it for as long as you like! Read: No obnoxious 3 day turn-around window like Stitch Fix. (That's my beef with the Fix; it's often times too quick of a turn around. My package never fits in my mailbox so it's an extra trip to mail and rarely gets back before they're like "So if we don't get this in 24hrs you're getting billed for all of it Mrs. Leitch" and I'm like "shut your face Stitch Fix, you're annoying!" I digress...)

Yes, you can keep and wear the jewelry for as long as you want! You're just paying $19/mo. When you're ready for something new, send it back (with the free shipping tag they send you) and get ready for your next shipment of jewels. No timelines. No "we're waiting!!!" emails for the returns. It's all on YOUR timeline!

I LOVED what I got this go-around. All yellow gold and delicate pieces that were truly things I would wear. In fact, I already own a pair of gold Tiffany's studs that are nearly identical to what they sent me. I wear those daily! Hubs actually picked them out (can you go wrong with Tiffany's?) and he did such a good job - as did my Rocksbox stylist!

Bottom line is, I learned that Rocksbox carries real gold/gold plated, delicate stuff. That means Rocksbox.They also carry the chunky stuff it that's your vibe. You get to choose! And you get your own shipment timeline! You could get several shipments in a month or you could keep it for several. There's so much flexibility with Rocksbox.

Want to try out a month of Rocksbox for free? Enter code anuncomplicatedlifeblogxoxo at checkout and get your first month on the house! Just promise to let me know what you think or tag me in your IG pic so I can see whatcha got too, ok? I love sparkly things :)


  1. Love the pieces that you got! I was skeptical at first, but seeing it everywhere, and getting a free month, I figured why not? So far I've had it for a few months and I'm really enjoying it.

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  2. I love that ring you got! I have actually kept my last box for the past 2 months because I love every single thing in there and I'm just not ready to give it back yet ;-) They just get us don't they hahaha especially a fellow Paige.

  3. I was totally curious how Rocksbox was going to work for you because I know how you like delicate jewelry. I'm glad to see that they cater to every different style!
    I've seen rocksbox floating around forever. I may try it out one of these days.

  4. You got some great pieces in your box. I'm not that crazy about the things they have been sending me. In fact, the last box I had I didn't wear any of it, I just returned it. I'm going to keep it for a few more months and see what happens. I think most likely I will cancel it though. Not that crazy about it.

  5. I absolutely love Rocksbox and it has not disappointed yet! Love all your pieces

  6. I kept about 4 pieces from the 10 or so boxes I had with them...I really liked it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. ooooh that necklace you got is so pretty!
    now just to be sure, it's only $19 when you send your stuff back, right? like it's not automatically a monthly thing right?
    i can't believe stitch fix get on you about returning stuff on time. 3 days is not enough!

  8. I was with you on the chunky plasticky jewelry I was seeing all over the blogs, but I too got the delicate gold pieces, exactly like I wanted from my style quiz. Loving it so far!

  9. I agree about the chunky jewelry, I am very understated when it comes to jewelry. My biggest thing is my brain is so crazy, I worry I would forget to send it back, etc. I think the "borrowing" aspect scares me off too because I know I would get attached and my husband would hate that too!

    Linds @ not a mom

  10. I've not subscribed to one box even though I've contemplated it on numerous occasions. I also don't like loud, trendy or gaudy looking jewelry. I like simple stuff that I wear ALL the time. I just don't like the hassle of changing accessories daily with outfits. I ain't got time for that nor do I really care. :)

    Love the necklace you have on - it's simple but delicate and pretty.

  11. I agree about chunky jewelry -- my taste runs toward simple and delicate. This sounds interesting ... will check it out! - Trish

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