An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Friday Favorites August 14 Edition

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites August 14 Edition

This week was a long one. Like, really really real long.

I've developed either strong round ligament pain and/or "pulling pain" around my c section scar where Otto is now stretching/putting weight on it. (Like my terminology? Clearly I'm M.D. material.) It's incessantly hot in Dallas. Opening the front door is like opening the oven door - hot air blowing hair and all. It's exhausting. And bonus: my toddler is cutting more teeth and has a serious-all-day-whine-thing going on and going strong.

Enough Negative Nancy stuff though, right? There's always a rainbow if you look for it! Always. Here were this week's rainbow moments:

1) I got blogging business cards! Whoohoo, I'm all official now. I'm going to Blog Elevated in September, so I had these beauts made up to better network at my first ever blog conference. Anyone else going? Let's make plans to meet up!

Blogger business cards are important for brands to take you seriously! They're easy and affordable to make through online printing services like vistaprint

2) I went to my first Young Living essential oils party/class! I know I said I was going to it about two weeks ago, but it turns out we're all moms and that's life when you have littles... #roadblocks. But we got our act together, had some apps and wine, learned some things, and had a GREAT time! It was a fun night out for me, and really re-invigorated my desire to ditch the harmful chemicals in my home (cleaning supplies, unnecessary beauty/makeup stuff, antiperspirant, etc) and replace it with natural, holistic health options. #mesocrunchy

3) The crib and the sheets I ordered already shipped! I talked about my shared nursery design for the boys here, and how I got on ordering last weekend because everything took so long with Henry. Well the internet Gods were listening/reading and all my orders have either arrived or shipped. This crib took four months to arrive with Henry and less than two weeks for Otto! Go figure. Good thing we have lots of storage space!

Bratt Decor brushed pewter crib

4) With all the teeth coming in, Henry has slept until 7am! I was NOT blessed with a good sleeper. He takes an hour nap a day MAX and is wide-eyed and busy-tailed around 5:45-6:15am each and everyday. Alas, the upside to these dang teeth is my squiggly-wiggly-very-awake-toddler is staying asleep until 7am. Hallelujah. (Bedtime is a strict 7pm for those who are curious.)

5)We're escaping Dallas SOON! We have a trip to Minneapolis planned in the immediate future and our babymoon to Cape Cod shortly thereafter. Hello actually tolerable cooler weather and great food! Come to mama. Or, errrr, I guess I'll come to you. Either way you slice it, get me the heck up outta here!

Minneapolis in the summer
Lake Calhoun and Minneapolis skyline - Image source.

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  1. You will have so much fun in Cape Cod! And Minneapolis has a ton of great things, too--what brings you there?
    Love your blogging cards--so cute!

  2. I'm so excited you're going to escape the heat soon - you guys deserve it! Love the business cards!! Happy weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. The Cape in the Summer is the best!! When Mark and I were newly dating I daringly took him up there for a big family meet up vacation that turned into surprise my brother is getting married.....long story for another time. Thank goodness the weather was perfect and we eat lobsters every single day....I think that helped him from running very far away ;-) That reminds me I have to order my dang cards! Did you like the quality of the company you used?

  4. ugh sorry about the sucky week! hope it gets better for you.
    love your business cards, so fancy!
    i'm so jealous of your upcoming Cape Cod vacation, take lots of pictures :)

  5. Your upcoming Cape Cod vacation sounds amazing! And I absolutely love your blog business cards. - Trish

  6. I'm jealous of your Cape Cod trip - it sounds awesome. I feel ya on the cooler weather, it has been hot, hot, hot in Charleston. I could definitely enjoy some brisk weather. xo, Carly soak and simmer

  7. I JUST got my business/blogging cards in the mail too! Did Jaelan tell you I'm also going to Blog Elevated? I've been thinking about trying some essential oils. My chiro told me to use them for my allergies. That's the one thing that sucks about the weather cooling off, I turn into one big walking sneeze cloud...

  8. You are gonna have so much fun on your BabyMoon! Cape Cod is so fab. I'm heading there at the end of this month and cannot wait. I'm also headed to Nantucket for the day and I'm so excited for that. I love that island. Love your new blog cards. So cute.

  9. Can't wait to hear about your Cape Cod vacay! So fun. And love the business cards! Yay for Young Living!

  10. Wow you have lots of travels coming up! Sounds like plenty of fun adventures :)

    That crib is so cool! Sort of vintage-inspired :) Love it!

  11. Love your business cards! I went to my first Blog Elevated conference last year and had a blast. Very informative... Good Luck and have fun...

  12. Hopefully the cooler weather will be here by the time you visit the Cape. We're on a 90+ degree heatwave right now that is supposed to stretch through early next week! Your blog business cards are fabulous!

  13. Definitely high fives for Friday! :)

    That pulling pain, Doctor Paige, sounds unpleasant as crap. Does pressing on the scar alleviate the pain at all?

  14. I love that crib! And your business cards look great!

  15. I love your business cards! They look great! Cape Cod looks so wonderful and relaxing. I hope you have a better week this week.

    Thanks for linking up to H54F!

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