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Monday, August 10, 2015

How To Better Manage Teething Babies

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If you've ever had to deal with a teething baby, you already know: It's rough. On everyone. The once peaceful baby is magically transformed into a fussy, crabby, drooly, sometimes-inconsolable mess of their former self. And you, caregiver? You're tired, you're crabby, and you want to soothe the child so that s/he feels better and you can get some peace!

Henry currently has 16 teeth and is working on cutting four more. At once. He always gets his teeth in groups. Which is extra fun for me (sarcasm anyone?) and extra painful for Henry and extra stressful on us both. But it's also made me a bit of a baby teething connoisseur.

Here are some great tips on getting through the icky teething phase with your wee one as best you possibly can!

- DON'T go out and spend a fortune on teethers. You never know what your baby will take and what they wont. To this day, Henry has yet to take a teether. Instead, try getting one of several different varieties. If your child takes to one in particular, then go out and get more of that favored kind.

- DO try unconventional teethers! When Henry was cutting his first teeth, he would enjoy sucking on an ice cold wash cloth. I dampened it with water and put it in a plastic bag in the freezer. When I noticed he was extra fussy, I would pull it out and let him suck on it. As it warms up, just rotate it to a cold spot in their mouth so the baby gets continued relief.

Teething pain relief ideas from Infants' Advil #TeethingTruths

- DON'T get too panicked or stressed out. Remain as calm as you can through the teething fits. Kiddos read and emulate your energy; if you're getting high strung because your infant is constantly fussing, they will continue to be constantly fussing. If you need a break, take a walk or run an errand! Henry is always calm in his stroller. If that's not the case for your little one, ask your partner to take a shift so you can catch a break.

- DO administer pain relief, like Infants' Advil. I found mine in the pain relief aisle at Walgreen's Pharmacy. I love that it helps Henry with the pain and because it's ibuprofen, it reduces swelling as well. It's dye-free and appropriate for children beginning at six months, right when teething pain can be a real pain for everyone! Infant Advil offers parents a simple, effective solution to relieve their babies' pain with up to eight hours of relief in just one dose. I like to give Henry a dose at bedtime if he's showing teething signs so that he can sleep well. A well rested baby helps tremendously with overall fussiness!

Infants' Advil can be found in the pain relief aisle of Walgreen's Pharmacy
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Infant pain relief for poor little teethers!

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  1. Oh man. I do not look forward to those days.
    I gave my sister some natural teething stuff for her baby shower (I don't remember what it was) and months later, she called me and thanked me profusely for the gift-it was finally coming in handy!

  2. I am pretty sure my mother did the cold washcloth routine with us as well so much better than chomping down on plastic right? Look at that sweet boy. 16 teeth already sheesh he is growing up way too fast!!

  3. We got a Sophie the Giraffe, and as much as I promised myself to never spend $20 on a toy, my baby spent basically months 3-8 chomping on that thing while she teethed. It was the best!

  4. These sound like some great ideas -- the cold washcloth seems like a really good safe teething help. - Trish

  5. I need to try some of your unconventional teether ideas for the baby I nanny. She seems to be a bit better this week but last week she was cutting another tooth and crying all the time!

  6. good to know about the washcloth - i think i have heard that before and it just goes to show every baby is different ;)

  7. Thanks for sharing your tips! I'm so relieved to be out of this stage but I remember trying many of these same methods. #client

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