An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Five Fun Items From Waco, TX

Friday, March 20, 2015

Five Fun Items From Waco, TX

Jaelan and I met up in Waco this week to hit up Chip and Joanna Gaines store, Magnolia (as seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper). It's the halfway point between where we both live, and it was a blast to get out of Dallas for a day trip, spend a little girl time together (Henry crashed the girl party) and do some shopping for my new house!

And we were surprised at how... Small the store is. Like, 250 square feet small. So, for those who can't easily road trip to Waco, TX fear not! The online store is where it's at. We did spend the whole day in the small city, so we managed to hit up many shops all over the Bosque Blvd/Downtown area.

Alas, here are my Top Five finds and moments from our trip:

1) This adorable necklace was the first thing I bought, even though I was on the hunt for home goods. Oops.

Gold Summer Ellis necklace from Papillion boutique in Waco, TX // $58

2) We went to the house straight-up mansion of the dude who headed up the Dr. Pepper bottling company that resided in Waco in the early 1900's. This house was huuuuuuuuge, and currently houses an antique store. The owners ushered us to the BASEMENT (my Texas readers be like WTF is a basement; my MN readers be like aaaaaaaand....?) where Henry started to SCREAM. My kid is the most mild-natured child in the history of babies, and never (I mean never) screams. Clearly, that ish was haunted. It was creepy. I used my screaming child as an excuse to exit the building quickly.

He stopped screaming the second we got out of that haunted basement. He got happy the second we left the property. Something aint right there. Ghosts, I'm telling you!

3) I got these super cute dish towels! All of ours magically disappeared after we moved. Time for new ones.

World Market dish towels. Oooook, I got these in Dallas before the Waco trip! // $5.99 each

4) We hit up the one art gallery downtown (and possibly in all of Waco). It was... Ummmm. Well. Let's just say Baylor University doesn't have a robust art department, or they're all the rejects from FIT, SCAD, or (enter city/state) College of Art and Design - just about every other art school, anywhere.

As a SCAD Master's graduate, I judge art harshly. There, I said it. #sorrynotsorry

5) Look at this badass painting I got! Our new dining room is Texas-themed. It sounds weird and this painting is a bit bold, but I can't wait to share pics when it's all done. It's will look so rad with the burnt orange walls and cast-iron Texas Star I have planned for the walls. Intrigued yet in how I'll pull this off? Me too. I just hate beige walls and boring spaces.

Avery Trumon painting from The Blue Horse boutique in Waco, TX // $49

We had a great day trip in Waco! We wish we could have met Chip and Jojo Gaines... But they're probably pretty busy being famous HGTV stars. Or designing houses. Or both. So it's cool - I still love them.

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  1. I'm so jealous you went to their actual brick and mortar store - I literally love fixer upper!! That new painting you got is really cool! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I'm so glad we got to have that day! So fun just hanging out.

    I'm glad the trip wasn't a COMPLETE bust!

    ... And that house?! Frightening.
    After our convo last night I had dreams about snakes. Joy.

  3. ahhh that is so cool you went to their store, so lame it was small!! if i met chip and jojo i would drag them to my hood and make them find me a house. love the necklace you got! that basement sounds scary as shit, i would have listened to Henry and gotten the heck out there too!

  4. Texas themed room! I love it! Swooning over that necklace toooo!

  5. I love the show Fixer Upper... so cool you got to check out their store!!!

    Have a great weekend :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  6. I'm shocked the store is so small! Still jealous you got to go.
    And Henry was right, I bet that place is for sure haunted. Kids can sense these things.

  7. Love the necklace, and that painting is awesome! We have some friends who are artsy and have all kinds of neat things in their house and that totally looks like something they'd have. Can't wait to see how the dining room comes together!

  8. LOVE that painting! That is going to look so great in a dining room. I'm going to have to swing by this mansion next time I'm in Waco and see if I get a ghost-y vibe. Poor Henry!

  9. um shopping for house stuff sounds like so much fun. And ya what is up with dish towels. They're like socks in a dryer, they just disappear all the fricking time!!

  10. So, I just discovered the show Fixer Uppers last week and I love it!!! This sounds like a fun little trip. And I would have BOOKED it outta that basement too.haha

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!

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