An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Interior Design Inspiration Vs. Reality

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Interior Design Inspiration Vs. Reality

Did y'all see on the news what happened in Dallas last week? You know, the week we were supposed to move? All week long we had ice and snow, and then on actual moving day we had a full out blizzard.

I mean, I pretty much felt like I was back in Minneapolis. And then the pansies peeked through the snow drift and I be like, NOPE still in Texas. Phew! Close call.

Somehow we pulled off a move despite the Siberian apocalypse going down outside. So here's how things are shaping up in comparison with this post I wrote about my interior design "inspiration." I have to say, I'm amazing myself with how close I'm getting to my inspiration pics!

The "Office" (in quotations because it's just a corner of the playroom. Hubs gets the real office.)
This was my inspiration picture for a desk I loved. Obvi I wouldn't have the mirror or have it decorated in pearls. Actually, I wouldn't put that past me...
Office inspiration picture
This is how my desk actually turned out. Pretty close, no?

Master Bedroom
I absolutely love mirrored desks/side tables/accent furniture. This was my inspiration pic for our bedside tables, which is more a silver paint than an actual mirror.
Master bedroom inspiration pic
Here's what actually happened in the master bedroom. The front and top is mirrored with a weathered silver mirroring under the glass, and the sides are painted silver. I went halvsies on my inspiration pic!
Actual master bedside table (unfinished, of course)
Can I take a time out and tell you how challenging it is to take a pic of a mirrored side table, in a corner of the room with no natural light? Professional home decor photographers, you have my respect!

I loved the mismatched look I found in this pic for a playroom, since everything is chaotic and crazy in that space anyway. Why not make the chaos look intentional?
Playroom inspiration
And here is how my mismatched chaos is actually panning out. We still have to find a little table to go with these cute chairs, but it's slowly coming together.

Actual playroom (unfinished, of course). I hope I don't give my son nightmares about clowns.

We're chipping away at it this whole home decorating thing, piece by piece. I have seriously big plans for the dining room - it's going to be themed (whhhhaaaaat!!) - and I can't wait to share more pics as things get finished. You know, real pics of the room instead of just strange blurry photos of a piece of furniture :)

Have you ever had the pleasure of decorating a new home or apartment? What did you do, and do you have any advice for me? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


  1. Looking good so far! I really like how the bedside tables turned out, even more than the inspiration pic. I love anything two-toned like that!

  2. Ah! How fun. I seriously cannot wait to see the finished house. Eeek! And yay for moving in spite of the snowpocalypse 2015.

  3. You are doing such a great job and I love how your office turned out!! :)

  4. that clown thing is hilarious! and i need to move to texas, for reals. is it humid there? not that my husband would let me move anywhere, but he hates the humidity so it would need to be somewhere warm and dry. ah, who am i kidding. i am OBSESSED with your desk. so gorgeous!

  5. This totally cracks me up.....real life vs pinterest life. I think you did a beautiful job. I love your bedside drawers and can't wait to see how you style them!

  6. I always use Pinterest for decor inspiration! Your desk turned out so pretty!

  7. I love the mirrored nightstands you found! I've been pining for some for years. It looks like it's all coming together lady!

  8. I am obsessed with mirror furniture! I don't actually own any right now but I want all of it! I love your inspiration pieces and how you are matching them. I need to do this!

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