An Uncomplicated Life Blog: YSL Mascara: Worth The Price?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

YSL Mascara: Worth The Price?

The kind folks over at Influenster seriously hooked me up when they selected me to sample the Yves Saint Laurent Mascara. This is the original fiber lash mascara, and YSL just improved the formula and wanted to get the word out.

Who doesn't love full sized beauty freebies?!

The thing is, I'm also super attached to my brand of mascara. (L'Oreal Volumous in noir, if you're wondering.) So if I'm going to change brands, especially to YSL with a $32 price tag (you can pick up L'Oreal at Target for about $9) this stuff was going to have to be good. Like, really good.

So I decided to test it. In a hot yoga class.

I put on one coat before class, and I have to say: This stuff didn't clump. It went on easily and had a pleasant scent. One coat lengthened my lashes wonderfully! Ok YSL, you've got me interested... But can your formula withstand an hour of 103 degree vinyasa yoga flow?!

One coat of YSL mascara before my hot yoga class.

 Drum roll, please!

It did. This was immediately after my class - I snapped a selfie in my car. There is NO mascara under my eyes and the product stayed put on my lashes. I *could* tell you how much I sweat in this class, but I'll save you the details. I was completely impressed YSL mascara didn't run halfway down my cheeks!

YSL mascara immediately following a hot vinyasa flow yoga class.

I don't wear much makeup these days, and I'm no beauty guru. But I DO wear mascara daily, and I DO workout daily. I was impressed this formula could withstand my workout abuse. I even got compliments when I walked into the studio, with the instructor saying, "Hey Paige, you look so pretty today!"

I'll take a compliment. And I'll take a mascara that will lengthen my lashes and hold up through an advanced yoga flow.

*I was not paid for this post, but I was sent this product free of charge via Influenster. All opinions are my own.


  1. Nice!! I agree-for $32 it BETTER rock my world. The mascara looks great before and after!

  2. Absolutely impressed that it stayed on for hot yoga - $32 is steep, I wonder if it comes in a travel size lol! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I use the same l'oreal. do you normally wear mascara to hot yoga? just curious to see if the l'oreal holds up. normally when i sweat, the mascara irritates me and i rub my eyes which then causes it to go everywhere, so i wipe it off before i work out. that price tag is cheap, but i'm always looking for a new mascara!

  4. I used the same L'Oreal mascara as you for years! I recently discovered Makeup Forever's mascara that makes my lashes look so good. I'm super impressed it didn't run too!

  5. Welp, I now need to add this to my (ever growing) list of beauty products to try! How awesome that you got a full size sample!

  6. I got that mascara and seriously ysl can do no wrong! It is freaking amazing and does not budge! I'm in love!

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