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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ABC's of Paige

I saw this post on Kristen's site and thought it was such a fun idea! It reminded me of this post I did a few months ago, but with more bizarre and random questions.

So without further delay, here's a little alphabet soup for your Wednesday reading:

A. Attached or single?
Attached! Married. Duh.

B. Best friend?
I have a few, ranging from my sister to a some girls from Jr. High to grad school and even a few more recent friends I've made in Texas. Love girl time!

A few BFFs

C. Cake or pie?
Pie is foul. Cooked fruit?! Oh man, I want to puke thinking about it. Cake please!

D. Day of choice?
Saturday. Not a big shocker there. But for me, it's thebombdiggity because Kirk takes the baby and I sleep until 10am. I lovvvvvvveeeeee sleep!

E. Essential item?
iPhone. That's sad, but true.

F. Favorite color?
I'm a real big fan of gold. Yellow gold. Even before it was trendy, I loved it!

G. Gummy bears or worms?
Gross, neither. What are those things even made of???

H. Hometown?
Minneapolis. Yes, everyone sounds as funny there as they do in "Fargo" (The movie and the series.)

I. Favorite indulgence?
Spending the day by the pool sipping wine spritzers on, like, a Tuesday. With other SAHMs or teacher friends who have the summer off, or yogis who work irregular hours.

J. January or July?
Back in my Minneapolis days, this would have been July, duh. But now that I'm in Texas it doesn't matter - both are great! 4th of July is a great holiday and I got married in January, so both, FTW!

K. Kids?
I have my mini-me, Henry and two four-legged sons. I'm surrounded by boys.

My sweet boy when he was three months old

L. Life isn't complete without?

M. Memory you cherish?
Oh, there's so many! I should talk about Henry's birth... But seriously, one of my favorite memories to date takes me back to grad school. My Partner in Crime and I found ourselves picked up by members from a bachelor party (NOT the groom!) and ended up in a mansion on the tidal river outside of Savannah, GA. We decided it'd be fun to swim... But the tide was going out! And we were drunk. We nearly drowned, and have permanent scars (from barnacles) to prove it! Who knew nearly drowning would be a cherished memory?

This lady right here is my Partner In Crime... This is six or seven years after our "drowning" incident, at one of my baby showers. We're so responsible now.

N. Number of siblings?
A seester! We're 18 months apart.

O. Oranges or apples?
Again, gross. Fruit sucks.

P. Pet peeves?
I used to think chewing loudly was the most awful thing. And it is, just not the MOST awful. Now that I'm older, snarkiness really annoys me. It's being mean in the disguise of humor. No... As it would turn out, you're not funny, clever or witty. You're just an asshole.

Q. Quotes?
Meh. Not really into quotes, although when I see one that resonates I think, "Isn't that nice?! I should remember that..." And then promptly forget it.
R. Reasons to smile?
I get to me the mommy of the best behaved, happiest son in the world! Geez, I'm lucky.

S. Season of choice?
Summer! Give me heat and sun and more heat.

T. Tea or coffee?
Coffee, hands down. I don't like warm tea that much. Sweet tea is pretty delish, but not as good as a cup of coffee in the morning! Nothing happens before coffee. Nothing.

U. Unknown fact about me?
Ohh, this is hard! I'm brutally honest so most of my business is out in the open. I try to control it, but my favorite word is a four letter word... And I'm somewhat concerned Henry will learn it! I have to work hard to stay classy. Oops.

Workin' hard to stay classy Christmas 2012: Why dirty a cup when you can drink out of the pitcher?

V. Favorite vegetable?
All of them! I haven't met one I don't like. Corn on the cob is up there pretty high... I mean, I'm from the upper Midwest, what did you expect?

W. Worst habit?
I can go days without showering. Which isn't an issue per se, but I work out daily... So things get gross quickly. It doesn't bother me at all! My poor husband. He married a put together, beautiful woman and once she became a mother, she devolved into a dirty, greasy mess. At least I'm in shape?

Y. Your favorite trip?
Funny, I just wrote about this last week!

Z. Zodiac sign?
Libra. People have guessed it numerous times without hardly knowing me! They said I was confident and commanded attention when walking into a room. I am a very confident person, but I thought the "commanding attention" part came from the fact that I'm usually the tallest woman and sometimes just outright the tallest person around... Meh. I don't know what the factor is that drives "commanding attention" but I'll take it as a compliment!


  1. Girl I feel you on the iPhone...can't stop with the constantly being connected!! I can tell your zodiac sign just by the way your write...I can hear you actually saying it...does that make sense! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. oh my gosh that drowning story - how terrifying!! i love that people guess your zodiac sign based on your personality, that's awesome. i agree about snarkiness, i think its annoying me more as i get older too, though to be honest - chewing with your mouth open still takes the cake! vomit!

  3. I love this post because we are so alike it warms my heart hahahahhaa. Girl Mark is the shower police. I am the same I'm like "I don't smell leave me alone".....I actually smiled to myself this morning on the way into work about how I have to be like a morning shower person now because every morning "you hoping in the shower now or am I first?" Ughhhhh why do they care hahahhahahahaa

  4. This is such a great idea. I loved Kristen's post, too.
    I laughed out loud at your "pie is foul" remark. Although I completely disagree. Haha. You and my 1st niece would get along swimmingly. She lovesss the veggies and HATES the fruit. My sister told her she HAD to eat 1 strawberry and she gagged so hard she puked.

  5. Ooh! Fun post idea! Every time you write about how much you hate fruit, it cracks me up. I love fruit but I do agree with you that it should stay FAR away from desserts (exception being chocolate covered strawberries). I wouldn't worry too much about Henry picking up on the language. I think kids who have parents that curse turn out to have a much better sense of humor anyway. That's what I'm going to tell myself when my kid drops an f-bomb in school one day and I get a call from a teacher... =)

  6. What a fun post idea! I may steal this from you. :) I'm with you on the quotes. My hubby can quote every single movie he's ever seen. It's ridiculous. I'm more of a song lyric kind of girl.

  7. Whenever someone mentions pie I'm like oh yeah, pie, I love pie! But really I only like chocolate pie so I get really disappointed when I realize they actually meant like apple or cherry or even pumpkin or something. No thanks.
    My showers are also rather infrequent given the amount that I work out...

  8. It's as strange to me that you don't like fruit as it is to people when they find out I don't like coffee (weirdo alert). Ha! Every time I read you say that my soul cries a little bit. I could survive on fruit alone. I can't pick one favorite! But differences are awesome sauce. Not to be confused with apple sauce. Which I also love. Has Henry had fruit yet? What does he think if so?

  9. bahaha this drowning story! Glad you're ok and also glad it's such a good story!

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