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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Throw A Little Color On The Walls

When we bought this house, I was happy because there is very little work we need to do to it (minus gutting the master bath...) A few coats of paint and this little beauty will be in tip top shape!

I'm a big fan of color in a home. Maybe it's because I grew up in Minnesota and only stared at white for six-nine months out of the year, but I despise white walls, beige carpets and white trim. Unsurprisingly, I like homes with a bit more character.

I knew right away that our Jack n' Jill bath had to be one of the first rooms to get painted. The previous owners had two small boys, and they shared this bathroom. Let's just say that lime green isn't the best for the colors in the granite or the brick paver floor!

Green Jack n' Jill bath - before shot

Sample of the soon-to-be new color: Sherwin Williams Truly Taupe

I mentioned in this post that I'm doing a bold, Texas-themed dining room. We bought a gorgeous wood table that seats eight and have rustic metal chairs with leather seats. The head seats at the table are upholstered in a fabric that resembles burlap (but much softer!) I want the walls to POP, so I went with an orange...

New dining room table. I spy baby moccs on the wet bar!

Plush chair close-up and you get a glimpse of our green sideboard!

Metal chair close up

I started with the lighter shade (Sherwin Williams Copper Harbor) and decided that it wasn't the right shade! So I got a darker orange (Sherwin Williams Determined Orange) and started to like the lighter one better. What do you think? Lighter or darker? Help a sister out!

View from the dining room into the breakfast nook and kitchen. I want to pull out the lighter color of the brick paver for the wall color in the dining room. That's the goal...

Goal #2: Make the green side board pop!
So guys and gals, which orange would you go with given what I'm trying to do in the room and what we've purchased so far? Opinions, please!


  1. Oh my gosh what a hard decision! For me personally...I'd opt for the lighter orange, but that's just my preference!! I think either one will be great! I love your dining room table and the mix matched chairs - so fun! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

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  2. We used to have a lime green bathroom when we were kids, maybe it's a thing haha I really like bold colours. Our living room is turquoise so I'm loving the orange. I'm a bit partial to the light shade but it's so hard to know....both will look fabulous with that table though

  3. Those chairs......swoon worthy! I spied those baby mocs and naturally there was your next line ;-)

    So hard!!! My initial glance right to the darker but seeing it paired up against the furniture I'm leaning more towards the lighter. Ahhhhhh sorry I'm no help!

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  5. Oops! forgot to sign in as myself! ha! I say darker because I feel like the lighter blends a little too well with the brick, does that make any sense? I feel like the darker will compliment both the table and the brick better. That says a lot coming from me because I am in fact terrified of color. Also, I LOVE the texture in your walls! Beautiful!! Can't wait to see it all finished!! xx

  6. i definitely vote for the lighter colour!! i absolutely adore your dining room table and the chairs, but oh my gosh the plush chairs, i need them in my life!! love the green sideboard, what i can see anyway ;) i'm all about the plain colours haha, bright colours make me uncomfortable - in my house. i love love LOVE looking at other peoples houses with bright colours, but they aren't for me. though that lime green is not cute at all!

  7. Those chairs are so cool! We just bought some metal tub chairs (but with arms) for our dining room and I'm loving them. That brick floor is SO cool. My friend has brick floors in her kitchen and I love the texture it adds. I'd go with the lighter orange for the dining room. It's bold but I don't think it overwhelms the other elements in the space.

  8. I would typically say the lighter, but the darker is apealing. But I'd probably still go with the lighter. Love that table and the chairs!

  9. Oh man. I think lighter? But both are great so you'll be fine either way! blah I got SO stressed picking paint colors when we moved into our house! Good luck!

    And what were they thinking with the bathroom??

    Excited to see the final product with the Texas theme!

  10. Looks like all your comment buddies are team light - but Im team dark. I once painted my bedroom the lighter shade and then wished I had gone darker. I think dark walls go great and will pop with those cream chairs and white kitchen cabinets you have.

  11. Ok so at first I was all about the dark, then I saw what you were saying about the brick and I changed my mind to light...but I think I'm back to dark now? I totally agree with Stephanie - I've wished I had painted darker, but not lighter. And yeah I just went back and looked at the brick picture and now I'm going dark on that one too. I like how it looks better with the brick/light wall color combo (assuming that's the color the breakfast nook/kitchen wall is going to stay?). Sorry for disagreeing with almost everyone else and basically being no help at all :/

  12. I love your table and chairs! I think the lighter orange is perfect!

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