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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Best Vacation Spot

I live in a Southern border state, and the weather here has been completely terrible lately. So I can only imagine everyone further north experiencing much of the same thing. Or, errr... Probably much worse, especially if you're in New England! It's gotten me thinking about vacations... And reminiscing about the best one I've ever taken.

Mocktail at Mama's Fish House, Maui HI

I'm a beach and oceans vacation kinda gal, so this was an easy choice for me. We went to Maui on our honeymoon, which was also our babymoon, since I ended up being six months pregnant for it.

It was perfect for a prego! Not the party scene of Mexico, so I didn't miss the cocktails and have to deal with loud neighbors. Not too hot like Aruba, so I wasn't miserable. Lots of hiking and activities to do (luau's for the win!) that were inclusive of pregnant women.

Jungle hike for three
Sunset Luau with ocean views
There were TONS of choices for food, which was pleasing to a prego like myself. The fresh seafood was incredible, and the luau offered new choices I had never tasted before.

When all the hiking and eating got tiresome, there was my favorite activity: laying in the sun on the beach. I ventured into the water once... Too cold for me. Can you tell? But look how blue that water is!

Rocking the Victoria's Secret bikini, six months pregnant
Speaking of the water, how could one ever get sick of this view? Everywhere we went had a beautiful view. Dramatic waves, blue water, cloudy skies and lush hillsides.

Looking back through these photos made me wish we could go back to Maui this year. It's a dreadfully long flight (eight and a half hours, direct from Dallas) but it's so amazing to step off the plane and immediately start enjoying the sun and the views!

What kind of vacationer are you - sun and sand, cultural cities or snow and fun? Are you taking any fun trips this year? Tell me about them so I can live vicariously through you!

 Pampers & Pearls


  1. We went to Maui on our honeymoon too and I can't agree more - best vacation ever!! Also, you looked amazing rocking that bikini!!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. You look smoking hot in that bikini!!! Definitely lots of yoga I can tell! Hawaii looks so beautiful it is definitely on the list but yes that flight is killer for sure!

  3. #1. You're the hottest pregnant lady ever.
    #2. This post has me so anxious for July. I seriously cannot WAIT to go back to Maui. I promise to send you photos from Mama's. ;)

  4. We are considering HI this year. Not sure it will happen but I so want to go. My brother-in-law was stationed in HI for 5 or 6 years, so my hubby has been multiple times. We are big hikers and laying by the pool or on the beach sounds like my kind of vacation.

  5. I have never been to Maui. I have heard such great things about it and after looking at your pictures. I think I need to go! I am so ready for sunshine in warm weather. Ohio has been miserable this winter.

  6. I've lived at the beach my entire life so I've always been a mountains kind of vacation girl. For our honeymoon I told my husband I wanted it in driving distance (currently trying to get over a fear of flying), I wanted mountain/rolling hill views and I wanted a hot tub on the deck so we could see it all and that's exactly what I got it was amazing! We are planning an anniversary trip to Hawaii next year though so this post has made me super excited!! Except that 8 hour flight part..which will be even longer for me all the way over here in NC. Ah!! Love these photos! And you were ROCKIN that bikini girl! xx

  7. I would like to think I'm an 'all the above' type of vacation girl, although I've never been on a snow vacay, so maybe I need to take one and find out. Maui looks like heaven. That plane right though? Oh man, I don't know if I could do it. Maybe an overnight so I could try and sleep. Lovin' that cute bikini picture!

  8. I like going to new cities and having a lot to do (although I like to figure out what to do when I get there rather than having a planned itinerary of activities). I grew up at the beach so those types of vacations have never felt novel to me. With that said, right now I live in the mountains and all I can think about is taking off for a tropical island. I have no idea what my summer schedule is going to be so no plans yet, but our 5th anniversary is in July and I'm dying to go on a second honeymoon type trip! I'd love to go to Maui but B doesn't want to spend that much time traveling....and with my fear of flying, he's probably right haha. Also, can't get over your 6 months pregnant self in a bikini! You looked amazing!

  9. Yes yes yes!! We did Maui for our honeymoon, too and LOVED it! My favorite place. Still kicking myself for cancelling our Mama's Fish House reservations - we were just so tired the night we were supposed to go there!

  10. I wish! I am not really a beach and oceans girl for vacations, I like to do stuff, but a beach every now and again is nice!! We went to O Ľahu, and it was good - maybe next time we will go to Maui. It's in the middle of Oz and the US so it's a great spot for us to meet family in the middle.

  11. Looks amazing!! You look so adorable and looks like you guys had a blast
    Chelsea @

  12. Maui is so fabulous, isn't it?! We're hoping to go back next year!
    All your pictures are beautiful!

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