An Uncomplicated Life Blog: What Never Bounced Back After Baby

Monday, March 30, 2015

What Never Bounced Back After Baby

Having a baby is an insane physical feat. Your body grows an entire human, then you push it out. You eat a ton of calories to accomplish this challenge and you gain weight. Your breasts get much bigger as they prepare to feed the human you just grew. Your hips widen as they make room for baby's exit.

And then in four to 48 hours (or, six weeks if you're me) you go into labor and the whole process is over. Just like that. Which is a speed race of an ending to a marathon of an event.

Me at 28 weeks, just entering my third trimester. Recognize the hair, makeup and outfit? I had just gotten everything done for the photos for this blog! I launched it a month before giving birth to Henry... Coming up on my one year here!

It's been ten months since I had my speed race finish six weeks of labor with Henry. While I "bounced back" in an amazing way, there are some things that will just never, ever be the same. They are forever altered by the physical feat of baby growin'.

I thought it'd be fun to share with you those things. So that all the other mama's can smile along with me and say "Yup! I'm with you, sister" and all you childless readers will shudder I mean, stay childless or ummmm... appreciate your own mamas and mommy friends more.

If you're faint of heart to the TMI/over-share, click on to the next blog dear reader.

Stomach skin will never be tight again. Mind you, I only put on 24 pounds. I didn't get huge. But that skin stretches like no other, my friends. While my abs are back and I'm prebaby weight, I can grab folds of skin around my midsection. And that's lame. It also causes unsightly muffin tops that refuse to stay tucked in. Sigh.

Last belly shot before my water broke at 36 weeks + 4 days. That's a lot to bounce back from, friends.

The girls dropped. There's nothing like glorious pregnancy boobs! They're full and round and lovely! And then you nurse, and they get even bigger! And then you stop nursing. It's like deflating a balloon...  You end up with a soft, squishy resemblance of a former glory.

What's up with the feet?! Mine grew a half size during pregnancy, which wad'nt no thang since I had small feet that are now still on the small size of normal. Growing a shoe size in pregnancy is very common. But mine changed shape, and now they're strange looking! My first three toes got longer (that's where the size came from) and now they look odd. Permanently. Boo.

Thongs? HAHAHAHAHAHA JOKE'S ON YOU. I used to wear nothing but cute fancy thongs. While I haven't digressed to pure granny panty territory (I still have self respect, damnit!) there's no way I'm wearing a thong all day. Sure, I'll don one if I'm wearing leggings. But only for a few hours a day. No full day wear-age anymore. Not after baby. Strings now be goin' and pullin' where no string should go.

One week after having Henry. Little did I know my hair would look like this everyday. Joke's on me?

I should note that all of these changes were totally worth it! None of them were so drastic that anyone other than me or hubs can tell.

But YOU being happy with YOU is the most important person to be at peace with. While I'm happy with my bounce back rate, I won't lie: I'd roundhouse-kick a stranger to the face to have prebaby Paige body back, even for a few hours!


  1. I saw this title in my blog list and I couldn't click on it fast enough. I love you so much girl and how real you are. I told Mark the other day because he calls my feet "hooves" lovely I know.....I mean shoot they are only a size 9....I'm 5'7 I have to keep this body anchored......anyways.....I told him that they could and probably will get bigger with pregnancy....I think I scared him. 24 lbs that's it? You are so inspirational. You know when that day comes I will be texting you every single day! Loved this post!!!

  2. This is great... in an educational way. Haha.

    Moms are the best for doing all of this and not eating their babies.

  3. Ah yes. I love you so much. I was lucky to bounce back quickly as well, but still, my stomach will never be the same. I totally took my pre-baby body for granted. I would for sure roundhouse kick a stranger in the face for just my boobs! I had no idea how blessed I was. *sigh

  4. I think you looked incredible one week after birth - amazing really!!! It's amazing what our bodies go through to give life!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Hahaha OMG dying at the thong comment. I have obviously never been pregnant but I really can't decide if what the body goes through during it is amazing or frightening. Maybe a little bit of both? For the record, you are best-looking mom I have ever seen, both during and after your pregnancy!

  6. You look great! SO strange about your feet!! My mom and all of my aunts' hair texture completely changed after they gave birth. So weird!

  7. haha i love this post! if my feet grow it will be so ridiculously unfair i will scream and hit someone. i already have large enough feet, it isnt fair!! i haven't worn a thong in like 5 years so thank goodness for that ;) i agree with Tracy - and I think your next post should be how someone like me can only gain 24 pounds and still look amazing because i am terrified!! my boobs are also ridiculously small so i am hoping pregnancy won't change them too much.

  8. I'm with you sister!!! So weird how things went back the same....but changed...just not right! Thanks for the laugh :-)

  9. Isn't this the truth!! After having my little one things are not the same and I love it :) I love being able to say I am sorry I had a baby :) Chelsea @

  10. This is very educational...for future reference. It might not all "bounce back" but you look fantastic!

  11. Yikes...I don't need my feet to grow anymore! I'm hoping I stay close to 24 lbs and bounce back like you. You look fabulous for one week after!

  12. That is so funny about the thongs! I gained quite a lot of weight during my pregnancies (eh, it happens) and I would stare at those size small thongs and shutter with how they would feel!

  13. LOVE this post, especially after two little ones. Yep, pregnancy boobs are glorious. And so our nursing boobs during the first month. I just wish mine still had the "lift" they used to. Oh well. You are so right though about your body not fully coming back but it being totally worth it! I now store fat around my abs where I never did before. Oh, and my butt is now flatter too. Fun fun fun. Love this and your honesty!


  14. I am with you! Man, you're lucky you hardly gained any weight though. I gained a ton. You look great before, during, and after baby. You = my hero : ) I wish I could get my tight tummy back though.



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