An Uncomplicated Life Blog: 4th Month Bumpdate

Monday, July 13, 2015

4th Month Bumpdate

I know some bloggers chronicle every week of their adorable baby bump... But let's get serious, this is my second baby, and second babies always get the shorter end of the stick.

I thought I'd limit my bumpdates to once a month, so those who are interested can read the thrilling tidbits of my baby growin' and those who aren't can simply skip one post a month. I'll make them interesting though, promise!

Without further delay, here's an update on the bump in my 4th month:

Last iPhone 5 pic of mediocre quality! Y'all, the 6plus is ON POINT

Mood: Good, I think? We should ask hubs, he'd know better than me! I do get irritated easily, but I am well into my 4th month and it's hotter than a 'mug out there. You'd be irritated too if it was 108 every time you stepped outside and you had stupid full-panel maternity shorts on. For those who don't know, full panel means that they take the waist band out of your pants/shorts and replace it with nylon stretchy fabric that goes up to your boobs. It's both hot and itchy. I'm getting irritated just writing about it.

Craving: Veggies! Which actually isn't anything out of the normal, so I guess it's not a craving? I'm trying to keep the consumption in check this time around (which ALL second time moms say!) because I know just how effing hard it is to lose baby weight. Screw you ice cream, I'mma stick with my all fruit popsicle so I can save myself two extra miles of running after this baby gets here.

Missing: Wine and not being winded after a flight of stairs. But seriously, I'm missing things far less than I did when I was pregnant with Henry, and it's making this pregnancy much more enjoyable!

Movement: I've been feeling quickening/flutters since 14 weeks. Not surprised I was that early with my second since I felt them at 16 weeks with H. I've read that if you're slender, you tend to feel the baby much sooner. So, there ya go. Science explains everything!

Weight gain: 2 pounds! Not bad for a second baby and almost being done with my 4th month. I'm below the normal range, but I was with Henry too, and I caught up him by the sixth month or so. I'm sure this baby will follow suit.

Gender: We find out the first week in August! Hubs thinks it's a girl for sure. I've done many of the old wives tales, and three point to boy while five suggest girl... We shall see! People think I'm nuts for wanting to know the gender of my second. Um, hello?! If it's a boy, I literally need NOTHING. If it's a lady baby, I need to get provisions! Except a car seat. Lady baby will roll in a bright blue one. Why would I drop $200 just to get a pink one? No. Dumb. Blue it is.

Maternity clothes: I already covered this a bit in the mood section, so you clearly know that I'm in them AND my sentiments about them. I've actually been in maternity pants/shorts since I was about 12 weeks. While my regular clothes still fit, they had to ride lower around the baby bump massive gas bubble I was sporting, and it dug into my c section scar. No bueno. So I busted out my maternity clothes super early for comfort's sake.

The photo quality of the iPhone 6plus is so fantastic, it even picked up a ghost photobomb!

Excited for: Finding out the gender! I have nursery plans I need to get going on! I know all my other Type A Planners feel me on this.

I will be doing a cute gender announcement to share the news! Pinteresting ideas now :)

Side note: Am I the only one who thinks gender reveal parties are super weird? Like, a clever image on social media is totally fun and appropriate. A full-out party with all your friends who come JUST for that occasion...? Seriously? And everyone is supposed to act "surprised" by the result? Newsflash... "I can't believe it's a girl!!" really means "Your odds of that embryo developing a vagina were 50% so... Yup. I can believe it." Also, do people have to bring gifts to these things? You mean to tell me I'm supposed to gift you at your gender reveal party AND your shower AND bring you a casserole after the baby comes? Sweet Jesus. EXCESSIVE. Am I alone here on preggo-snark island or are my feelings legit?


  1. I think gender reveal parties are really cute. EVERYONE always wants to know the gender (like, the MINUTE you announce you are pregnant) and I think it's a clever way to let everyone know, while also getting in a little extra baby celebrating. We didn't have any, but I don't think you're supposed to bring gifts - it's a just a reason to hang out with people you love (I think gender reveal parties are usually a bit more intimate, like "secretly" sharing the news with close friends and family before you announce it to the rest of the world, the way you would normally call your parents first, or whatever). Oh, and apparently it's a faux pas to have a "shower" after the first baby - you're supposed to have a baby "sprinkle." Who can keep up with all this baby-having etiquette??

    1. You're a no reply blogger so I can't "officially" respond to you - boo! Anyway, the type of gender reveal you talk about sounds sweet. That's not been like any I've been to! They're massive productions that are catered (one with a $275 cake!!), co-ed (husbands were there for beer only), 40-75 guests with some production-level reveal where we're all supposed to "ohhh" and "ahhhh" RIDICULOUS.

      Wait, everyone doesn't know you don't have two showers? That's common sense! I could see it if your children were 10 years apart and you had to re-buy everything, but who has a shower several months/1-3 years after their first?! ALSO RIDICULOUS!


  2. I personally don't understand the gender reveal party either...I don't have any kids yet so maybe I will get baby crazy when I do, but it just seems like a lot of reasons to have a party...

  3. Heheh! See, I think reveal parties are cute, IF they're done right. And by party, I mean a few very close friends and family... and no gifts!
    What I don't get is people having full-out SHOWERS for their 2nd or 3rd baby. I get having one for the second IF it's a different gender than the first, but by the 3rd you should be on your own. But whatever. I don't make the rules, right? But I'd be lying if I said I had participated in one of those shenanigans. Sorry, not going there. If we're close enough, I'm going to spoil the baby anyway, no need to have me hunt down a registry for your 3rd baby.
    Ok. Enough ranting.

    I am in the girl camp. I totally believe you're having a girl and I am so so so excited!

  4. Ahhh I can definitely relate when you say that people have started making EVERYTHING a big event. My husband and I are low key, so we like to experience things privately together then share when we're ready.

  5. Congratulations, and you look great by the way! We are expecting our 2nd little guy in 25 days (but who's counting?) We did a gender reveal party for both of our babies. I think it's all in how you present it and what you make of it. With our first, our gender reveal party was actually our shower. We had it later, closer to our due date, and did this because we wanted gender neutral things. It was one party and that was it. Not 5 different events all to take place in a 9 month time span.
    With our 2nd, our gender reveal was only family and there were no gifts involved. My husband and I knew the gender because we didn't feel it was right to make someone else do the planning for a party we wanted to have. It was also fun for it to be our little secret. We kept is simple and everyone had a great time. With a 2nd I don't think it's necessary to have another shower or even a sprinkle, but to each their own. We want our next little guy to look back and know he was celebrated also and that all the fun surprised weren't just for his big brother. ~Sierra Winks and Eyerolls

  6. Your weight gain is pretty amazing - I love when you said ask the hubs about your mood LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Um, my third and 2nd daughter were 6.5 years apart. We had donated everything to our church preschool and friends in need but didn't want to host a full on shower because we figured we'd buy most everything we needed. So instead of a shower, and as a way to celebrate this baby, w had a gender reveal in my 8th month. Neither hubby nor I knew the gender so we found out along with our closest friends and family. It was super special and sweet.

    Sounds like I just like weird parties though. :/

  8. I mean baby showers are hard enough to wrangle people up for but a gender reveal party???? People must have really good friends. I think they are a little excessive......kinda another excuse to squeeze presents out of people? Is that wrong of me to say? I love your ghost photobomb. You look so damn cute! I love your bump!

  9. Yep, you look like you've consumed more than just a burrito at this point. Adorable belly, Momma. :)

  10. you are so adorable. and hi ghost!
    i understand people not finding out the sex of the first baby, but why would you not find out for the 2nd? that's crazy! you already have baby stuff, you need to know if it's gonna work out with baby #2. i cannot wait to find out what you're having!
    i think any kind of party revealing the sex of your baby is weird. i know i'm in the minority but i just think they are so weird! no.

  11. Haha! Laughing at the ghost photobomb. Um, I'm totally one of those people who threw a huge gender reveal party for a friend. I mostly got excited about the decorations and so I went way, way overboard. I don't think I'd ever throw a party that big for myself, but it was fun to put together for a friend. If/when I have a kiddo I'd love to make it a joint gender reveal/baby shower so there's a 'reason' to come other than finding out the sex. Psst! My friend did a bunch of those wive's tales and she was an even 50/50 split. Weird.

  12. Haha! You are NOT the only one who feels that way about a gender reveal party. I don't get it. I see how it can be fun, I guess, but I'm not a party person to begin with, so, I'm out. ;-)

  13. Your baby bump is so cute...and so are you. I'm with you on the Gender Reveal parties. I think they are silly. My brother and his wife had one with their 4th child. After having all 3 girls, the gender reveal party revealed......another girl. Wah wah. :)

  14. You had me rolling! I hated my full panel maternity jeans last summer! Those suckers are NOT for summer pregnancies. You look amazing.

  15. You are so cute! I love reading bumpdates, so keep them coming! Even when I have my first baby I don't think I could manage to do it every week. Those ladies are sure impressive! I'm excited to see what you do for a gender reveal. There are some fun ideas out there!

  16. What a cute bump! We definitely knew we wanted to know the gender, I'm too nosy not to know haha. By the way guests aren't typically expected to bring gifts to gender reveals. At least that's what I've heard, I've never been to one and have never had one.

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