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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Would You Rather...?

Time for a fun game!

I came up with this as I was driving in my car, talking to myself. I think Henry thinks I'm talking to him, as he stares at me (mirror on the back of the headrest facing him directed into my review mirror) like I'm giving him the wisdom of the world... Oh no kid, I'm just shooting the $h!t with myself, coming up with blog posts. No wisdom here buddy!

Anyway, through these animated conversations with myself, I came up with this gem of a game. Rules are simple: Two situations are pitted against each other, and you have to pick one. I told you these were deep conversations...

A fun game for bloggers when they're out of blog post ideas!

Let's begin!

Would you rather drink and dance at a honky tonk or a posh NYC club?
In my current state of life, gimme the honky tonk! I've developed a disdain for pretentious people in my ripe old age of 30. Five to seven years ago, I'd have taken that club in a minute!

Would you rather be stranded in the snow for a whole winter or deserted on an island for the rest of your life? 
Funny, I've been stranded in the snow for a whole winter. It's called living in Minnesota... I'm an extrovert though, so I suppose that's still a bit better than flying solo on the beach for the rest of my life. This one's a close call!

Would you rather step on a lizard or a small snake?
NOOOOOO. We get little lizards in our house fairly consistently (those mofo's are tricky and can get into the smallest of cracks!) Fortunately our biggest dog, Baxter, is a dog of the streets (aka a rescue) and loves to kill them. Straight thuggin' style. I just call him on over and he takes care of the problem. Then he gets a mountain of praise and several large handfuls of treats and looks to be about the proudest dog that ever was! He's even training our littlest dog (a Morkie, who's 11lbs) to kill. Thank God, because I'm sure not going to touch that thing.

Oh what's that, I haven't answered the question? Yes I'm stalling. Both freak me out. I guess the lizard is slightly less gross... Just slightly. 

Would you rather walk around (unknowingly) with your skirt tucked in your panties in the back or with baby poo smeared all down your side?
Considering I workout five to six days a week and am pretty proud of my rump, I'll go with the skirt situation. I also know how disgusting it is to walk around with a....... ahem! surprise all down your back. It inevitably transfers to something else and you think, "where did THAT come from?!" And then you realize it's YOU. It came off YOU. So. Disgusting. Flashing people a panty-clad rump? Aint no thang. I've given birth, you think a butt flash scares me? HAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU'RE FUNNY.

Would you rather die young but be remembered for doing something great, or live a long life and have your memory go along with you?
I'll take the long life with my loved ones. I don't understand why everyone wants to be remembered. Memories are for YOU. You can't control how others think of you. So live your life, have a great time, be with your loved ones and let it go.

Just don't sing that Frozen crap around me. I have a house full of males for a reason, and it's to NOT listen to bad Disney musicals, please and thank you.

Feel free to come up with your own silly questions to ask yourself if you want to play along. I'd love to hear how y'all would answer!


  1. See I've been stranded in the snow and I'd totally pick that over a deserted island lol! I'd rather live a long life...I already tell Gary forever isn't long enough with him (cheesy I know) but it's the truth lol!! Loved this fun little game! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love this!! We've played this game in the car with our nieces and nephew and their answers always crack me up. Love the idea behind this one! :)

  3. We used to play this game in high school - so fun! I think I would rather be stranded in my house in the snow....its nothing new here in Chicago and you are still with the ones you love!

  4. I would definitely pick stranded in snow for the whole winter! At least I'd know there would be an end to it. I would much rather live a long life too. Honestly there's some embarrassing things you hope people forget about you haha!

  5. Oh my gosh! How freaking adorable is this post?
    And girl.... the lizard thing FREAKED me out. Thank God for your dogs. I could NOT do that.

  6. I love this game. I totally would rather be stranded in the snow, isn't that really what winter is anyways?

  7. um, frozen is my jam!
    i would totally choose the lizard and the skirt in my panties. aint no thang. and totally a honky tonk. there are like, no 'clubs' here in the ville, and all we did from 20-23 was go to sydney clubs so i am so over them and their overpriced entry fees and drinks. no thanks, give me $1 beer month at the local dive bar hahaha.
    girl seriously with the memories. i have never wanted to do anything amazing - does that sound lame? - or be remembered. no shame. i just want to live a long happy life with people i love.

  8. omg maybe baby poo! haha, I LOVE THIS GAME! Seriously, love it!

  9. Lmao! You seriously crack me up girl!

    I'm so juvenile, just the word honky to k cracks me up!!!

    I will take deserted on an island for $ 500 Alex lol Living in Canada will do this to a person.


  10. Hahah wait, did you come up with the questions too?!!? I would love to do this game. I always take it way to seriously though. Like that first question, I just went over the pro's and con's in my head for way too long. The answer is, neither I'm 27 and fall asleep after one drink anymore! Plus I would have nothing to wear! (see what I mean? lol)

  11. I appreciate your words of wisdom on the last question!

  12. A total dive bar as long as it had tito's ;-)
    Does this island have wifi? If not give me the winter, red wine and pasta. I can hunker down like the bet of them.
    Ughhhh snakes are the worst!!!!! Lizards definitely don't bother me as much which is totally odd.
    Definitely the tucked in situation....for reals
    Live the long life with my loved ones

    Such a fun post. Cracked up about the lizard killers ;-)

  13. This is so fun! I always have a hard time with the snake/lizard type of questions. Can I pick neither?! Hahah!

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