An Uncomplicated Life Blog: What Marriage REALLY Looks Like: An Interview With Hubs

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Marriage REALLY Looks Like: An Interview With Hubs

When I wrote this "bumpdate" about my 4th month of pregnancy, I said it would be best to ask my husband about my mood... Which got my little creative wheels spinning. Wouldn't it be fun to interview hubs about me and our marriage?!

So I crafted up some questions, prepared a great home cooked meal and fed hubs (who's name is Kirk, btw) a few brews, just to ensure honesty on his part.

Behold! What our marriage looks like, through the eyes and ears of my husband. Questions are in bold, hubs answers are normal font, and my thoughts/antidotes are in italics.

What's my best quality?
Your tenacity for love, family and food. You're one of the most passionate and intense people I've ever met, and I love how I never have to guess what you're thinking or how you're feeling. You just throw it out there. Sometimes recklessly.

What's my worst quality?
When you're wrong about something and don't want to admit it.

I asked hubs to provide an example. He couldn't come up with one. Why? Because I'm rarely ever wrong. Just wanted to let the record show that no example could be found.

Whatever was going on in this photo, I was definitely RIGHT, and hubs knew it. Look at that face!

What are my best and worst physical traits?
Best: {answers quickly and enthusiastically} your LEGS!
Worst: When you don't shower for days and days and days, you smell.

Hmmmmm, looks like daddy needs to step up to the plate and give mommy (aka ME) 15 minutes of baby-free time to more regularly shower! Or, I need to knock it off with the natural deodorant combined with daily workouts. Probably both.   

Why did you ask me to marry you? (I'm giving you the real, live, play-by-play here)
Hubs: "Oh hey, this is a good question!! Hmmmm... Well, you're smoking hot for one."
Me: {insert tilted-head-are-you-a-13-year-old-man-child look of death} "I'm going to give you another shot to answer this one so you don't look like an idiot to the public."
Hubs: "Ok! Ughhhhhh... I loved you. I could see things working out between us. And, you know, the timing was good."

Ladies and gents: My eloquent, romantic husband. A true, modern day poet.

Is there anything about me that you don't understand?
Your moods! Including when you're in a good mood... Sometimes I think your shit will hit the fan when you find out about something bad, but you'll just shrug your shoulders and smile. I don't understand why you like reality TV so much, including that dumb Housewives show. But that's pretty much it.

You're not like other women - you don't have too many shoes and you don't want me to predict your feelings. You don't hoard makeup, there's not 50 curling irons left out constantly and I don't ever have to check our bank accounts and worry that you're spending too much money on clothes or any other materialistic bullshit that most women buy nonstop. I can't STAND women like that! Maybe this should get added to why I married you? You're a 10 but you act like a dude, so it's like the best of both worlds. 

Getting details from hubs is sometimes like pulling teeth (previous question), sometimes as simple going to the fridge for another beer. It was the latter in this case.

I showered enough for hubs to get close to me on our big day! But I was only 5 months pregnant and still in the habit of showering on the reg...

What's something that's changed in me since we've had children?
You're far more patient now. I don't know HOW you handle listening to Henry's whining and tantrums day in and day out! It drives me nuts, and you just calmly sit there and wait for him to be done. And you do it all day, everyday, but I can't handle three minutes of it. Also... You don't shower as much.

POINT TAKEN WITH THE SHOWERS, BRO. Hire me a nanny and our problems are solved. Also, we have one of the most easy going toddlers on the face of the planet. He's seriously only whiny for his daddy. Sorry babe!

What are you most looking forward to in our future together?
Filling up the house with kids! You're a really good mommy and I can't wait to see you with more kids running around. I want to celebrate Christmas and birthdays together, and do family things. Oh, and I'm also really looking forward to all these kids moving out and it being just you and me again.

I think THIS can also be added to the "why did you marry me" section: We share a knack for contradictory thinking. It's like awwwww, babies! I love babies! Now when are you moving out and getting your own life and leaving me alone?

What do you love most about me?
You challenge me to be a better husband and father every single day. 

Awwwww. He just redeemed himself from that first marriage question. 

That's our marriage, folks! Is yours similar? Do you think you'd get any surprise answers if you interviewed your spouse?


  1. Ours sounds SO similar, but minus the kid because we don't have one of those yet! But I still don't shower as regularly as my husband would like sometimes HA!! This is great girl! Your hubs sounds silly but incredible :)

  2. Awwww stop I'm all emotional and cracking up with this one. Seriously what is up with men being the straight up shower police??? Mark just walked out "ummmmm you getting in the shower this morning?" Yes! I need to do some work first, leave me alone I promise I will. Your husband sounds wonderful and I love the way he brags about you not only being smoking hot but also about what a wonderful mom you are :-) Love that look about not being wrong, I mean if the counselor can't come up with an example.......such a great post girl!

  3. This is SUCH a fun idea! I love the reality of this post (in addition to my love of the Housewives shows, like you love as well). Its obvious that he loves you :)

  4. This was so cute! I loved reading it - you can tell what a great relationship you two have and how much he loves you just by reading this. So sweet and such a good idea :-)

  5. Aww this is the cutest thing! I always love reading stuff like this. "When you don't shower for days and days, you smell" hahahahah! You two sound like such a fun couple.

  6. What SWEET answers! Ah. This post just oozes the love.

    I laughed so hard when he mentioned showers... especially because of our conversation earlier this week. Haha! Ohhh my.

    I can't wait to see you fill up your house with kiddos. :)

  7. this is hilarious - i love that he said he wants lots of kids and can't wait for them to move out.
    seriously, take a shower girl! lol just kidding.
    i love that you are never wrong and not a typical girl ;) i'm sure my husband wishes he could say the same about the bank account - i'm getting there, i promise! lol

  8. Aww this is so cute!! Pretty funny about the shower tidbits! :)

  9. I laughed so hard at his answer to why he asked you to marry him. I'm pretty sure mine would have a similar, nondescript answer ;)
    This was such a fun post! It's neat to hear about you from someone who knows you so well. His answers were great and it's obvious how much he loves and respects you.

  10. This is too good! Love reading about the other half. Pretty sure most guys think and answer like this.

  11. HA, love the shower bit! So sweet of him.
    My hubby would probably say similar things, except I'm obsessed with showering; I sweat too much not to. I love hubby interviews. :)

  12. I love hearing a mans point of view of his relationship. Most men don't express themselves enough, my husband included. It's sweet to read kirks responses. :)

  13. I really enjoy this, especially your commentary on his answers! Haha love the shower comment!

  14. I just died laughing at some of his answers! This is so cute! Y'all's relationship sounds oddly familiar. I could totally see my husband answering some of these the same way!

  15. This is so cute! I love his answers... I bet my hubs would answer most of these in a similar form. I love the shower bit because my hubs is the same! "You worked out every day this week...when did you last shower?" lol the answer is always "today" but really last Tuesday lol! With 3 kids, ain't nobody got time for that! I learned a great deal about you and it seems we are pretty similar! I'm not like most girls either and that's what my hubs loves most about me (so he says)! Thanks for sharing!!

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