An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Friday Favorites July 24th Edition


Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites July 24th Edition

I'm feelin' this old school Friday Favorites business, so I'm going to keep the ball rolling throw-back style and talk about the best five moments of my week. It was a great week, so there wasn't a shortage of events/things to choose from!

Plus, I've really gotten into reading these posts from other bloggers. Is it just me, or is anyone else "list"ed and "tip"ped out?! I know those blog posts do well on promotion sites, but sheesh I'm snoozin' with all the "tips and tricks"! #forealdoe

Here she blows:

1) I FINALLY headed to Michael's Craft Store and bought supplies to craft this floral arrangement for our fireplace mantel (or is is mantle?). I've been planning this for, ohhhhhh, over five months. I pretty much got it up just in time to take it down to put up Halloween stuff. Muhahaha!

Hand crafted floral arrangement

2) Teen Mom 2 is in full force, and hubs was on a business trip all week for me to get caught up on episodes. I LOVE Teen Mom 2 (not any of the others, they're garbage) but hubs literally starts to convulse with disgust when it's on, so I sneak it in during business-trip-hours.

3) I had only been using my small planner to organize Henry's schedule, my schedule, this blog's editorial calendar and various notes, receipts, ideas, shopping lists, etc. Needless to say, my weekly layout was getting so jam packed I couldn't read it and was starting to lose my cool. So I picked up these additional supplies to better be Henry's personal assistant mom, yogi/barre girl and blogger. Sanity? Saved.

Supplies to help you be a better blogger

4) As I mentioned, hubs was out of town all week for work. Outside of watching trashy TV, I spent a lot of time texting my blogging friends... About blogging, real life, more blogging, got some blogging advice, gave some blogging advice... You get it. I love this blogging community! I literally owe it my sanity as a SAHM.

5) It remains 100++++ degrees here, so I remain mooching off my sweet friends who were smart enough to buy homes with pools in their backyards. Henry is a swimming natural and loves to be UNDER water. Who 14 mo old loves to hold his breath, open his eyes and chill? Who 14 mo old, who's never had a swimming lesson in his life, knows to go on his belly and kick his legs and pull with his arms? Oh, just my kid. Like I said... #nextMichaelPhelps

This 14 mo old is 32lbs (!!) of MUSCLE - look at those pecs and center ab line! 2032 Olympics here we come

Linking up with Amanda, Karli, Friday 5 and H54F, per usual. Check out their awesome blogs and have yourself a lovely weekend!


  1. I LOVE Teen Mom 2 - I have actually gotten my fiancé hooked on it too a couple seasons ago so he willingly watches with me!!

  2. I love Teen Mom 2! I didnt watch last night's episode yet (that will happen when I get home today). My husband can't stand that or any of my Bravo shows--I wish he would make watching them so much easier haha.

  3. Haha, I rewatched a few episodes of The Flavor of Love. How's that for trashy tv? Lol.

  4. Yay for friends with pools! And I love your chunky little guy - my son was 27lb at 6 months and at 15 months is 31lb! Chunky babies are the best babies!

    Britanie @

  5. Wait is Teen Mom 2 like the newest generation of them? My favorite "couple" if you will was Gary and Amber. Her yelling "YOURE SO STUPID GARY!!!" Still cracks me up. Awwww you know whenever I see those pictures of Henry he gives me such baby fever! Those blogging supplies makes the inner OCD in me extremely happy! Michaels drives me nuts! Like hello does anyone ever work in there? Every single time I go in there I can never find what I'm looking for or someone to help me but they draw me back in with those damn coupons. I hope you have a fab weekend and I'm glad I was part of the blog texting this week ;-)

  6. I love all the new office supplies you got for your planner - love it!! Happy Friday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I love teen mom 2. I use to watch that show all the time. Love your new blogging goodies. Have a great weekend!!

  8. Ooo! I'm so glad you got some goodies from Michael's. I love that store. It's where I got my makeup drawer set. They have great deals, too!

    I'm so glad H is a natural swimmer! You will LOVE that as he gets older. Pool time is so much fun.

  9. I picked up a new blogging notebook this week too. Getting all organized is another story... =)

  10. Your floral arrangement turned out great!!

  11. I confess: I'm a Teen Mom addict! I love all the trash tv; my husband calls it "mindless dribble" so like you, I always indulge a bit more when he's not at home.

    Everyone has a tip or trick or list now, don't they? I had advice for wedding planning and my top iPhone apps. That's it. Otherwise, I'd be pulling crap out of my arse, making up blog posts on the fly. I have no advice. :)

    Have a great weekend Momma!

  12. I love those notebooks and pens! I'm such a sucker for great supplies!

  13. I used to watch Teen Mom when it featured Gary, Amber, Caitlyn, Tyler (can't remember the rest of their names.) Watching it made me feel so sane and normal.

  14. your kid is definitely the next michael phelps. that's awesome.
    seriously, mantle / mantel always throws me. either way, love the decor you've got going on!

  15. Your blogging supplies are so cute! I just love buying stuff like that.

  16. My hubs can't stand the teen mom girls either! Or the Housewives for that matter. I can't believe your little one is such a natural under water! That is so interesting!! Have a great weekend, girl!

  17. I love Teen Mom 2 and have no shame.
    I got a new planner last week (for no reason, I had a perfectly good one that I just don't like anymore) and now I'm all like give me alllll the planner goodies, thanks!

  18. Your blogging supplies are so cute! I just love buying stuff like that.
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