An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Holiday Weekend Celebrations

Monday, July 6, 2015

Holiday Weekend Celebrations

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! The weather is warm, it's laid back, there's grilling (not to be confused with BBQing, unless you're smoking meat for hours upon hours), beverages, and best of all: Fireworks!

Happy 4th of July from Lil' H, hubs, babybump and me!

So of course this year I find myself pregnant (there goes the bevvies!) and a 13 month old toddler (there goes the fireworks!) Whoomp.

Regardless, this year was still fun! We headed out for the Lakewood parade, meeting up with some friends who have a daughter about Henry's age. We parked close to a mile away from where we met up with them, because the road closed for the parade and I snagged the last parking spot in sight, fearing I wouldn't find another one. Note to future self: take a different route next year and park closer! Good thing we had a stroller and didn't have to lug a nearly 30 pound one year old.

Henry, mama and babybumpie still walking

The parade was a cute little community parade, with decorated convertibles, firetrucks and cheerleaders. Henry was in AWE of the firetrucks!


H dropped his water bottle for a few minutes in the nearly 100 degree heat to wave a flag. So patriotic, that boy.

We headed home for lunch and nap time. After refreshing, we headed out for the next agenda item: a pool party! Which was the perfect activity, because it was well over 100 degrees in the afternoon, and hubs has never seen what a fish Henry is in the water.


Of course I didn't get a single pic because phone + pool + lots of kiddies = DISASTER. But daddy swam with Lil' H and put my preggo legs in and chatted with friends. Everyone asked us what swimming school we had Henry at because he already kicks and blows bubbles in the water...

"Ummm, none!" I replied. "I'm a bad mom and haven't signed him up for any lessons. Lukewarm water with tons of baby pee in it totally grosses me out. Also, why do people pay hundreds of dollars for swim lessons with kids so young?! Like, seriously - what's the point?" It was an Odd Mom Out moment for me. Until all the other moms agreed that it's a complete waste of money for young babies to have lessons and they wished they hadn't dropped all that cash on nothing.

I thank my lucky Star Spangled Banner that I don't roll with the obnoxious Dallas Elite snob-mob-moms, and have legit mom-friends who don't pass judgement and tell it like it is! We also decided to get Henry enrolled in a swim class this fall with daddy. This kid is a natural, I'm telling you! Next Michael Phelps for sure. Hopefully, minus the drugs.

Anyway, the rest of the night was uneventful, spent watching a movie on the couch while we heard the faint booms of the fireworks I was missing in the distance. It just isn't worth it to disrupt bedtime and risk scared screams so I can watch some colors explode in the sky. But in a few years... Game on.

Sunday was relaxing, spent planning a few upcoming trips (YAY), going to yoga and grilling out. I'm not big on meat in general, and we all know this baby has done a number on my tummy. We were at Whole Foods getting grilling supplies and hubs points out some fresh fish. I crinkled my nose and asked for filet. You'd have thought I told this man Santa Claus was real! He danced a jig all the way to the meat counter.

And that concluded our exciting holiday weekend. How did you celebrate Independence Day?


  1. It sounds like even despite the preggers and toting a toddler around, you had a great 4th! I'm glad that your friends kept it real with you about the swim lessons (and that you didn't waste all of that money!!)
    Your last picture of the food has me drooling super early in the morning--yum! :)
    Hope you have a great Monday!!

  2. Fun that you got to attend the parade!!!! Looks like a good weekend to me! We were in the great state of KS for the weekend ;) No parades, but some fun fireworks!

  3. Sounds like it was a great 4th despite being preggers and having a toddler. 4th of July parades are always fun. on a side note, I love your scarf.

  4. That filet sounds and look delicious!!! I'm so sorry it was so hot, but looks like little man didn't care one bit! You also got me really excited for odd mom out tonight! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Okay,'s grilling. :) Fun weekend! We kept the kids up for fireworks this year. At the lake, sleeping in a tent...there was no way they would sleep before the show was over. Being preggo on the 4th is for the birds (I was too) because it's my favorite holiday! Sounds like you guys had fun still. :)
    And they shouldn't call it swim lessons with babies; it's more just "water acclimation" and you can do that on your own, no lessons needed.

  6. Looks like you all had a great weekend! So jealous your town has a 4th of July parade! That steak looks amazing : )

  7. You guys are too cute :) looks like you guys had a blast!!!
    Chelsea @

  8. Whew! I am proud of you for getting out in the heat this weekend. We pretty much stayed indoors until the fireworks started. Sounds like the parade was worth it. Henry staring at the firetruck is adorable!

  9. Your teeny tiny baby belly is adorable girl!!

  10. Great pictures!! That parade sounds too fun!

  11. lol @ the next michael phelps. i agree about it being a waste of money for little babies. sounds like you guys did a lot, we were outside for a few hours and it was only 80. the kids were all so freaking hot at our little parade, poor things!

  12. He is getting so big I can't even!!! Love his Patriotic bib ;-) Baby swim classes.....I 100% agree. Way too much money and wait you have to get in there with the warm water and baby pee??? I think my sister did the same thing....waited till they were older and they are swim great. Yes to steak! No I want that instead of my coffee and dry cereal that I'm eating. It was so blazing hot here this weekend as well. Glad you had such a nice family weekend!

  13. It sounds like y'all had a fun weekend! I love Henry's patriotic attire. So cute! And that dinner sound incredible.

  14. Oooooo--where are you going?! Where are you going?!

    Also, it looks like y'all had the perfect 4th of July! How fun. Henry is absolutely adorable, as usual. I cannot WAIT to see what gender this little Bebe is. Henry is going to be the best big brother.