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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shop Dallas: Indigo 1745

I received a blogging invite to head over to the Bishop Arts District to check out a boutique shop, Indigo 1745. There were two things about this offer I could not refuse: Being in the Bishop Arts District (the only likable, non-uppity, Lily Pulitzer-saturated on-trend neighborhood in Dallas) and learning about a boutique shop that specializes in local designers and small brands.

Um, yes and yes please!

I met with Denise, the shop's owner and all-around lovely woman, who gave me the lowdown on her clothing philosophy: Easy to wear, comfortable fashion that makes you look and feel good. Who can't get behind that, right? Indigo 1745 carries both local designers and unique labels from as far away as London.

These are "upcycled" Saris from India, used to make Dallas-summer-weather-appropriate blouses. How cool is that?!

Sound expensive? Nope. I'm a bargain hunter, and no pricetag raised a single one of my discerning eyebrows.

I'll be honest: I was nervous to accept this opportunity because a) I'm very tall/slender and have trouble finding clothes that fit in general, especially with unfamiliar brands b) I'm just about five months pregnant and this wasn't a maternity store - tall/sender/AND pregnant? Nothing would fit me for sure, and I'd just frustrate everyone involved.

I cannot tell you how wrong I was! EVERYTHING I tried on fit and looked awesome. Nothing there looked like anything I already have. All of the colors and the fabric weights were perfect for the relentless Dallas summers - even as a pregnant woman.

Indigo 1745 carries men and women's apparel, accessories and shoes

Denise delivers on her promise to provide comfortable, easy to wear fashion. I felt good in everything I tried on. Yes, a 5'10 pregnant woman felt fantastic in non-maternity clothes! While every woman who has ever been pregnant can feel me on that, the tall preggos are nodding their heads enthusiastically and clicking over to Indigo 1745's site rightnow.

I wanted to take one of everything in my size; alas, I settled on this colorful maxi dress from Askari Collection. Shirin Askari is a North Texas native who has been featured on Project Runway and is now killin' it in NYC, rocking Fashion Week in cities all over the world. I was so thrilled I was able to select something from a local gal who's doing big things in fashion!

5'10, five months pregnant and this non-maternity maxi still touches the ground. Heaven on Earth? Maybe.

The airy, light, colorful fabric is perfect for Texas summers
If you're in the Dallas area, I highly suggest heading over to the Bishop Arts District to check out Indigo 1745! Not a local? No worries! Their website is fully stocked with tons of goodies to ship to where you are.

*I received this dress complimentary in exchange for this blog post. There are no affiliate links in this post. All opinions, words and photos are my own and copyrighted to An Uncomplicated Life Blog.


  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! And I'm so glad it fit. It looks so comfortable and I am seriously adoring the colors.

    I'm happy to hear it's from a Texas-grown designer, too. That's so cool. And buying local should be on everyone's radar! I think it's so important to do that.

  2. oh my, that dress is gorgeous! and LOOK IT TOUCHES THE GROUND what is that sorcery! seriously, I need it in my life. haha. but really, i feel your tall-ish pain. I'm only 5'9 so I assume I have a wee bit better luck. Love the bags in the 3rd picture and the upcycled saris into blouses, how brilliant!

  3. That place looks cool!!! Have you been to Zoomos? I think they're close by and they usually have some super cute stuff!

  4. That dress is gorgeous on you! I love when you can support local businesses and when they aren't necessarily brand name but made well that makes all the difference! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Gorgeous dress!!! Love the color and style! So pretty on you!!


  6. That dress looks fantastic on you!!! Sometimes those little boutique places scare me off because their prices tend to be sky high. Good to know they are affordable and have online capabilities. Sounds like a little gem you found!

  7. What a gorgeous watercolor maxi dress, Paige. I love the black sash with it also. You look great. Welcome by.

    Have a great day! Ada. =)

  8. You look beautiful girl! And where's your tiny baby belly?!? I can't even see it! :) Rock it, sister. Xo

  9. Paige you look AMAZING in this dress!

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